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Padmini Astra 550 Mixer Grinder-White/Blue
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Padmini Astra 550 Mixer Grinder-White/Blue

Brand Padmini
Size As Shown
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Overview: Padmini Astra 550 Mixer Grinder-White/Blue

The processes of grinding and mixing are two of the most important tasks in the kitchen. Well mixed and blended ingredients give a delicious flavour and taste to your food. As technology has advanced, the cooking chores have become less time consuming and more fun. Chopping, grinding and mixing were tedious tasks earlier, but are done effortlessly now with the help of the modern day grinders and mixers. One such grinder that makes it easy for you to complete the cooking preparations efficiently without any sweat is the Padmini Astra 550 Mixer Grinder. It is a compact and powerful kitchen appliance for a speedy and stylish preparation.

You can be ready with your preparations for a meal with your friends or family without much effort with the powerful Padmini Astra 550 Mixer Grinder that has a motor of 550 W. It works with such speed and precision that all the ingredients get chopped and mixed finely as you have wanted them to be. According to the type of food item that you want to mince, blend or grate, you can set the speed accordingly. There are are three different speed settings that you can use. Some hard substances need to be ground in high speed while mixing can be done in medium speed.

You do not have to worry about washing the jar each and every time you have to mix or grind another substance. The powerful Padmini grinder comes with three stainless steel jars. The largest jar has a capacity of 1.5 l and is mainly for blending purposes, the 1 l medium sized jar is meant for dry grinding, and the smallest container is a 0.4 l jar which is used for making chutney. All three have proper lids with tight locking system that avoids any ingredient from spilling. Since all are made of stainless steel, they are rust free and easy to clean, as well. The stainless steel blades are sharp enough to make fine pieces and well blended mixtures.

With such power, the grinder, can also work for 30 minutes continuously. When it is overloaded, it will shut off automatically with the help of the overload protection system. It, thus, avoids any kind of damage to the product. It stands firmly on three feet without wobbling or shaking while in use. Its compact size will hardly occupy any space on your kitchen platform. The adorable look will add a special affectionate charm to your kitchen. Order online as soon as possible and get it delivered at your doorstep, and enjoy the delicious meals cooked with finely chopped, minced and ground vegetables, spices and other ingredients.

Features: Padmini Astra 550 Mixer Grinder-White/Blue

  • No. of Jars: 3
Product Details
Brand Padmini
Colour Name N.a.
Wattage 550 Watts
Size As Shown
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric

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