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Padmini 4 Burner Gas Stove CS-4BR Cloud, multicolor

Padmini 4 Burner Gas Stove CS-4BR Cloud, multicolor

Brand Padmini
Model Number CS-4BR Cloud
Colour Blue
Material Glass,Stainless Steel,Aluminium
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Product Description

A kitchen is incomplete without a proper gas stove. So, irrespective of how you enjoy cooking, be it personal or professional, your kitchen cannot do without a utilitarian gas stove. Therefore, if you are looking for a gas stove, look no further as now you can own the Padmini 4 Burner Gas Stove CS-4BR Cloud, multicolour very easily. Brought to you by leading manufacturer brand Padmini and has excellent usability. Padmini products are made under stringent quality norms to provide users with top quality products that live up to the brands' name. The sleek design, polished finish and affordability makes it a must have. So, before you go ahead and purchase the product online, take a look at the features.

Style and Design

This cooking range makes cooking simple and easy multiple and you can cook a number of dishes with this four burner stove. This oven is made of premium quality aluminium alloy and stainless steel which ensures durability and reliability of the product. Compact, stylish and sleek, this burner can be easily installed in your kitchen and it ensures not to take up much space in the kitchen. This cooking oven features two small burner and two large burners which provides ease while cooking a number of different dishes at a time. This oven also features toughened glass top for which ensures ultimate safety while cooking. All the four burners are made of aluminium alloy and this gas stove ensures to provide you with service for a long time. The stove also comes with fire proof film, designer knobs, toughened and stain resistant glass top and multi direction Gas Inzet nozzle which makes it a must have for every kitchen. This gas stove is perfect for large families or if you need to cook a lot of item in less time.

How to take care of the Padmini 4 Burner Gas Stove CS-4BR Cloud?

Cleaning this four stove burner is not much of regular maintenance of this four burner gas cooking range will ensure longevity of the product like every other kitchen appliance. Now, it is necessary to remember that commercial cleansers and abrasives might cause discolouration of the stove surface and might be fatal for the burner. Before you start cleaning the surface of this burner, be sure that the unit is completely cooled. Failing to do this might cause severe steam burns from wiping on the very hot surface with a wet piece of cloth. You need to remove the burners in order to clean the stovetop. While cleaning the burners of this cooking range you can use mild and liquid dish soap along with a sponge. If there are any stubborn spills, it can be cleaned easily with a mild abrasive cleanser and a cleanser pad or you can make a paste from baking soda and water which makes for an excellent cleaning homemade alternative. The burner grates which are removable can be cleaned with warm, soapy water with a soft plastic scouring pad. All the remaining parts can be cleaned with warm clear water and then can be dried in normal temperature. Sometimes the burners can get plugged with debris. Therefore, you need to poke the ports clean with a fine, straight pin or toothpick or you can brush the ports gently with a hard-bristled brush. Also, you need to check for the debris that is left under the igniter as it can clog burner from lighting.

The top surface of the burner can also be cleaned with mild soapy water. You must also avoid abrasives or any other kind of harsh chemicals as they might scratch the stove top surface. You must also avoid soaking the stove top with excessive cleanser or water. This is because it can seep inside and therefore, cause discolouration and cause malfunction to the internal mechanism. Remember not to use any kind of powdered cleaners, steel wool or abrasive pads. At times there can be acidic spills and they should be wiped up as soon as possible to prevent any kind of discolouration of the surface. If there are spills like that, you can pour salt on the spills instantly and wipe it up evenly when the oven has cooled off. Dry the burners after cleaning them properly before you return them to the oven. This product is now available on the internet. So, you can buy Padmini 4 Burner Gas Stove CS-4BR Cloud online, without leaving the comforts of your home.

What's in the box?

This four burner stove comes packed in a proper and safe manner and it ensures safety of the device during transit. The box set includes one cooking range, the accompanying accessories, warranty card and one instructions manual.

Key features at a glance

Contemporary, sleek and ergonomic design

Stylish black in colour

Toughened top

Aluminium Alloy Burners

Stainless Steel Frame

Multi Direction Gas Inzet Nozzle

Pan Support Type

Stain Resistant Glass Top

One year manufacturer warranty

Easy to clean and maintain

Product Details
Brand Padmini
Model Number CS-4BR Cloud
Colour Blue
Material Glass,Stainless Steel,Aluminium
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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