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Padmini Flair BF Electric Chimney

Padmini Flair BF Electric Chimney

Brand Padmini
Size 60
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Overview: Padmini Flair BF Electric Chimney

A modular kitchen is the ultimate answer to the problems, which women generally face in the kitchen. Modular kitchens help stay all the more organised. A modular kitchen along with some handy kitchen appliances can reduce requirement of manual chores. One of the most important and difficult tasks is keeping the kitchen clean. An electric chimney is the basic requirement of a modular kitchen and it keeps kitchen clean. Padmini Flair BF Electric Chimney is one of the electric appliances that has been built especially for kitchens of tropical countries.

Baffle filter improves chimney performance

This electric chimney from Padmini comes with a Baffle filter. This is an improved version of the Aluminium Mesh filters. Baffle filters makes use of cut and chop technology. This particular technology frees the smoke of spices and oil molecules. This is particularly helpful for Indian kitchens. This has no negative effect on the chimney's suction power. The filter purifies the air, thereby making the atmosphere odour free.

Good looking stainless steel body

This chimney does not only work well, but at the same time is a good looking kitchen appliance too. The body of the chimney has a silvery stainless steel finish.

Chimney has an added LED lighting system

The chimney has an LED lighting system. These are 2 x 5 LED lights and these help in saving electricity as you may not require to turn on kitchen lights, while cooking in the evening or night. You can buy chimney online and if this particular product interests you, you can check out offers from retailers listed on

High suction power but super quiet technology

The chimney has a high suction power of 1100 m3/hr which is considered to provide better performance than those with a suction power of 700 m3/hr or 800 m3/hr. Even if the suction power of the chimney is high, it performs noiselessly.
Product Details
Brand Padmini
Size 60

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