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Paint Zoom Ultimate Professional Paint Sprayer

Paint Zoom Ultimate Professional Paint Sprayer

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Product Description

Spray painting has been a rage ever since people began to use this method to get heir painting jobs done fast. Spray painting is an easy as well as fast method of painting that has been sought after for its ability to help bring out the creativity within. Spray painting can be used to bring out the artist within you as you can use your imagination and paint a number of graphic designs that are very much in demand these days. Spray painting has been much in demand amongst the youngsters of today as it helps them bring their artistic inclination to the fore. If you are on the lookout for a portable paint sprayer then buy this Paint Zoom Professional Paint Sprayer online.

Product Features:

Spray painting is a technique where a device enables the spraying of a coating of paint, ink or varnish through air onto a surface. The most common type that is employed is that of compressed gas which is usually air in order to direct the paint particles. Spray guns have evolved from airbrushes, and these two are well distinguished by their size and also the size of the spray pattern that they produce. Airbrushes are hand-held brushes that are made use of instead of a brush for detailed work which includes photo retouching, fine art or nail painting. It is also usually used for covering a large surface with a coating of liquid that is even. Spray guns can either be hand held or automated and consist of interchangeable heads that allow for spraying different patterns. This Paint Zoom Professional Paint Sprayer is the ideal choice for those who wish to enhance their creativity. It consists of a built in spray tip that has been designed for professional coverage while using latex and oil paints. It also features an adjustable horizontal, vertical and round built-in, 3 way spray control for 100% coverage. It has a professional meal 2 finger trigger with an in-built stop feature that allows for easy spraying and consistent coverage. The paint sprayer is constructed from durable and easy to clean metal and polymers, which also includes a convenient shoulder strap which enhances easy usage and portability. The container has a capacity of 800 ml with a hose length of 1.5 m. The box of this product contains a professional spray gun, a 650 watt turbine, a 7 inch cord and an instructional DVD that would guide you through the process of using the appliance with complete ease and user friendliness. This Paint Zoom Professional Paint Sprayer would be the ideal option for you if you wish to spray paint your room, house, work place or even your car.

How to use a Paint Sprayer:

You need to follow these steps in order to allow the paint sprayer to function properly and also allow for a neat process of spray painting that does not allow for a messy procedure that would lead to your house or other surroundings from becoming untidy. You need to cover all things which are not being painted. While spraying, there will be fogging and misting which would lead to a messy surrounding, which is why you need to take all precautions to be neat and tidy in this process. Along with this, light synthetic overalls must be worn along with a spray hood, a safety glass as well as a respirator. If you are painting inside, then you need to cover or mask the floors, walls, your light fixtures, the doorknobs, the hinges, the light switches and so on. You should always keep your spray gun pointed at the surface that you wish to paint and allow it to move in a horizontal direction. You should never use the sprayer without your hand being in motion. You should start moving your hand, and then pull back the trigger of the sprayer to start the process of painting. You can then release the trigger and stop the motion of your hand in order to stop the procedure of painting. Once you have finished the process of painting your subject, you need to thoroughly clean the paint sprayer in order t help it last long and maintain its quality. You must ensure that all the paint which you have used should be cleaned out after every use.

Shop for the Paint Zoom Professional Paint Sprayer online and bring out the artist in you.

Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 36.5 cm x 23.9 cm x 20 cm

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