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Pampers Active Baby Pants - Large

Pampers Active Baby Pants - Large

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Overview: Pampers Active Baby Pants - Large

Your baby is starting to grow up, and is full of curiosity about the world around. He will crawl, walk and try to explore every nook and cranny of his surroundings. This will inevitably result in a few gentle tumbles and falls, and is all part of the growing process. However, such falls may result in sudden pressure on the diapers, which in turn may cause accumulated urine in them coming in contact with your baby's skin. With an extra dry layer that protects the young, sensitive skin, Active Baby Pants from Pampers is ideal for the active baby who loves running around.

Long lasting and comfortable for your baby

Pampers Active Baby Pants are large diapers, meant for children who weigh between nine to fourteen kilos. They are flexible and have a side stretch design which ensures a great fit. That, coupled with the extra dry layer that blocks moisture and a breathable cover to help baby's skin breathe comfortably, results in a comfortable diaper that keeps him dry and happy for hours at a time. This is good news as it means less work for you changing diapers and more uninterrupted playtime for your baby.

The importance of keeping baby's skin dry

Unless you keep your baby completely dry, he may develop diaper rash which is irritating and painful for your child. While there are other reasons why babies develop diaper rash, constant contact with urine or bowel movement is the most common, which is why changing baby diapers frequently is so important. However, with growing babies who have just started exploring the world around them, this is not always easy. Thus, extra dry diapers like Pampers Active Baby Pants are great for preventing diaper rash as they keep the skin dry for much longer - sometimes as much as 12 hours. In case your child does develop a rash, just keep the area clean with a wet wipe or tissue and allow the affected area to dry out and breathe. If the problem persists, it is recommended to talk to a physician.
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  1.  Good dipers but pricey 5 April, 2013 On
    They are great for our 10 month old. He seems to love the fit and we like the the style. It keeps my baby happy for 4 hours and more. Pampers did not give any rash to my baby (though we use it regularly)
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