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Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants (20 Count)

Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants (20 Count)

Brand Pampers
Colour White
Minimum Age 6 months
Size Large
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Overview: Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants

The pack of Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants contains 20 baby diapers. These are ideal for babies weighing 9 to 14 kgs. It was Victor Mills who brought on a huge change in the world of baby care products by introducing disposable diapers. It was during this time that Pampers was introduced in the market. Pampers offered diapers which not only kept babies dry, but also kept parents happy. The diapers from Pampers come with a large number of benefits, thereby, making the diapers even better than before. They have a wide range of diapers for the babies like Pampers Active Baby, Pampers New Baby, Pampers Pants and the regular pack of Pampers diapers. If you want to buy this pack of 20 diapers from Pampers, find retailers who sell diapers online. At Junglee, you can compare offers on this product by different retailers which will help you get good deals.

The diapers provide all night absorbency

These Pampers diapers can provide all night absorbency for your baby. These baby diapers can absorb up to 5 wettings, so your baby can sleep comfortably throughout the night.

The outer cover, the waist band and sides are cotton soft

The outer cover of these baby diapers, the waist band and the sides are as soft as cotton. The soft stretch sides and waist band ensure that the diapers fit your baby well. There is a cute cartoon motif printed on the front of the diapers.

Magic gel ensures that your baby stays dry for long

The Pamper diaper pants have a magic gel system. This makes sure that your baby remains dry for as long as 10 hours. Other than this magic gel, each and every Pampers diaper pant contains a unique type of hypo allergic baby lotion. This protects your baby from allergies and rashes.

Features: Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants

  • All night absorbency
  • Extra dry layer for all night dryness/absorbency
  • Baby lotion with aloe vera to protect skin and helps to provide smoother skin
  • Soft stretch waist and sides for superior fit comfort
  • Soft like cottony cloth
Product Details
Manufacturer Pampers
Manufacturer Part Number AB Pants LG Econ Pk
Brand Pampers
Model Number 82198331
Colour White
Minimum Age 6 months
Target Audience Unisex-baby
Size Large
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 580 grams

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