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Pampers Medium Size Diaper Pants (60 Count)
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Pampers Medium Size Diaper Pants (60 Count)

Lowest online price: 799
Brand Pampers
Colour White
Minimum Age 3 months
Size Medium
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Overview: Pampers Medium Size Diaper Pants

There are different types of diapers available in the market. However, Pampers Diaper Pants have gained its popularity over time. Its unique characteristics to keep your baby dry ensure extra comfort for the little ones. So, if you want your baby to sleep comfortably at night, you should try this product

Diapers that are very useful:

Being a mother you are more concerned about the sponge material, used in diaper,s so that baby does not feel uncomfortable while wearing it for long hours. To keep mothers worry free, Pampers has come up with pant style diapers that are made of soft and breathable materials. It is an excellent solution for all babies. It's breathable and soft material lets air pass through the diapers so that the little ones do not feel uncomfortable. This soft material diaper also keeps the baby's bottom dry.

When a baby's bottom is exposed to wetness for long hours, rashes may occur. These rashes make the baby cry as she or he tries to sit down on a chair or on the floor. Wetness makes them cry and mothers do not know how to comfort them. However, if you start using these diaper pants for your baby, you can be worry free about the occurence of skin rashes. This kind of diaper has the capability to absorb up to 5 wettings quickly. These kinds of diapers feature Magic Gel that instantly locks away the wetness. So that even if you forget to change the diaper, your baby will not feel uncomfortable. It also keeps the little ones skin dry and healthy.

These pant style diapers are easy for the babies to wear. They are very easy to pull up and down so that mothers do not find it difficult to change the nappy whenever required. All you need to do is pull up the diapers over the baby's legs and make sure that the waist area of the diaper is not folded over. The cartoon design should be on the front and the gatherings at the leak guards should be on outside. And when the diaper is soiled you can easily remove it by simply tearing off the side tabs.

Another interesting fact is that it has a flexible elastic waistband to ensure a comfortable fit. It is designed in such a manner that fits the baby easily. It comes in a pant style providing ultimate comfort and care to baby's sensitive skin. When you change the diapers you do not have to fold the waistband in or out and you do not have to adjust the leg cuffs as well.

Now you may wonder when to change the diapers. It is best to change the diapers right before or right after every feeding. You should change the diapers before and after bedtime. Make sure that you change the diapers when you go out with your baby. Above all, this product is very light in weight so that babies do not feel uneasy. So, what are you waiting for? If you want your baby to enjoy a cosy bedtime and good play time, you should avail this pant style diapers. Now, you can buy Pampers Diaper Pants online. Shopping online will save a lot of time as you do not have to step out of your house. You can make the purchase from the comfort of your own home and the ordered item will be delivered at the mentioned address on time. This pack contains 60 diapers that are of medium size, offering top notch protection from wetness, rashes and leakage. Being light in weight, it is very easy and comfortable to carry this diaper pack along with you. It will hardly add to the weight of your luggage. Whether your baby is at home or you are going on a long tour with your family, this pant style diaper will be your baby's best companion every time.


It is important that you keep these Medium Size Diaper Pants in a place protected from moisture and heat. It should also be kept away from products with a fragrance. It should be kept in dry storage cabinet.

Features at a glance:

Made of soft and light weight material

High absorbency power

Can absorb up to 5 wettings

Soft stretch waist

Extreme comfort

Features: Pampers Medium Size Diaper Pants

  • All night absorbency
  • Extra dry layer for all night dryness/absorbency
  • Baby lotion with aloe vera to protect skin and helps to provide smoother skin
  • Soft stretch waist and sides for superior fit comfort
  • Soft like cottony cloth
  • Ideal for babies with weight of 7-12kgs
  • The product has undergone an upgrade, so you may find it different to the product that you used earlier
Product Details
Manufacturer Procter and Gamble
Manufacturer Part Number 82208515
Brand Pampers
Model Number 82193364
Colour White
Minimum Age 3 months
Size Medium
Item Package Quantity 1

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