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Panasonic CS/CU-K18NKY Split AC-White

Panasonic CS/CU-K18NKY Split AC-White

Colour White
Wattage 1,710 Watts
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Overview: Panasonic CS/CU-K18NKY Split AC-White

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner CS/CU-K18NKY is a part of the innovative range of air conditioners from Panasonic. This Panasonic air conditioner features advanced technology to give you fast cooling and great comfort. The device is powered by Panasonic's trademark ECONAVI technology that detects energy wastage and controls power consumption. The energy efficient cooling system also facilitates smooth and hassle-free functioning. The air conditioner is equipped with inverter control, which provides instant cooling even in very high temperatures. The 1.5 ton device consumes 5500 Watts of power to give you superior cooling experience and helps to keep the heat at bay. The split air conditioner is white in colour and weighs 12 kilograms. If you prefer shopping online, then you can search for this product on to avail the best price deals on offer from various retailers listed on the page.

Slick design and body

The Panasonic air conditioner is attractively designed and comes with a LCD remote for smooth functioning. The device is equipped with a specifically designed vane that has built in louvers to provide uniform cooling all across the room. It features a sturdy compressor and fan motors to provide superb cooling even in hot weather conditions. The blue fin condenser of this Panasonic air conditioner is very durable and lasts three times longer.

Advanced technology

This air conditioner is loaded with innovative features like 55 degrees centigrade ambient cooling and self-diagnostic functions. Panasonic ECONAVI sensors in the air conditioner efficiently detect the fluctuations in the activity level to regulate cooling in order to enhance user comfort. These mono sensors are also helpful in detecting wasted energy and automatically selects the optimal energy-saving temperature, thereby providing efficient power saving. The device also boasts of an innovative auto-cooling system in the outdoor unit.

Great cooling even in stifling conditions

The Panasonic air conditioner provides great cooling and enhanced comfort even in sultry conditions outside. The inverter control feature of the device facilitates instant cooling and comfort even in desert-like temperatures. The operating temperature range of the air conditioner is 16 degrees centigrade to 55 degrees centigrade. The unique AutoComfort mono sensors present in the air conditioner provide great comfort and enhanced cooling experience and make instant cooling possible even in 55 degrees centigrade temperature.

Other features

This air conditioner from Panasonic is loaded with numerous other features, which take your user experience a level higher with superb cooling and comfort. The device can remove moisture up to 3 litres per hour from your room, thereby providing you with great comfort. The device also produces minimal noise and creates a soothing ambience indoors as well as outdoors. The anti-bacterial and catechin filters of the air conditioner help absorb and remove foul air from your room and make the air cleaner and healthier for you to breathe in. The device also has a odour-removing function for eradicating any foul smell present in the room. The device features quiet mode and powerful mode for better regulating the room temperature and providing you with instant cooling as per your requirement. The air conditioner is easy to maintain and consists of removable and washable panels for your convenience. A compelling choice in this hot and humid climate, Panasonic Split Air Conditioner CS/CU-K18NKY is designed for your cooling and comfort needs. Apart from this product, you can search for kitchen appliances and home décor products on our website.

Features: Panasonic CS/CU-K18NKY Split AC-White

  • Capacity : 1.5 ton
  • Inverter Control in the desert climate is now possible thanks to unique and innovative technologies
  • The ECONAVI Mono Sensor can detect wasted energy
  • AUTOMCOMFORT Mono Sensor is used to provide comfort
  • Cooling is possible even when the outside temperature is 55C
Product Details
Manufacturer Panasonic
Brand Panasonic
Model Number CS/CU-K18NKY
Colour White
Wattage 1,710 Watts
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric
Power Adapter Included Yes

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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  best buy 6 May, 2013 On
    The new Panasonic Inverter Tropical ACs have lived up to their promises! I bought a 1.5 tons model and noticed that the AC unit never gets hot due to the ‘Auto-Cooling’ function. I have the outside unit on my balcony so I was worried it might be too hot to step out while the AC was running, but it’s quite comfortable to even stand next to it! All the features work really well, so I give this brand my full approval!
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  2.  grab it 6 May, 2013 On
    I really like the new trends in electronics and gadgets these days, like the Panasonic Invertor Tropical Ac that I purchased this year.. Intelligent appliances that take their task seriously! The in-built sensors and automatic functions are so effective that I can just switch on the unit and everything gets taken care of automatically! Excellent product by one of the best brands, definitely worth buying!
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  3.  Really amazing 3 July, 2013 On
    The temperature in our place is very hot, which could reach 33 degrees Celsius ...and my old AC can’t provide enough cooling to my room.... so bought Panasonic Inverter Tropical 1.5 Ton Split AC. The performance of this AC is superb!!! It cool down the temperature in my room within less than 2o seconds!! If your room is as hot as hell, then you replace your AC with this one!!!
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  4.  worth buying 17 April, 2013 On
    This split Air Conditioner comes with 55 degree C Ambient Cooling and Inverter 55 Control in the desert climate is now possible. It is a work of intelligent and innovative technologies. It looks so stylish on your wall, it takes all the attention. It’s eco friendly technology saves energy and take care of environment around you. It’s a little expensive but it totally worth it
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  5.  oneof the best buy 4 April, 2013 On
    Panasonic AC’s are very nice we already have one. We bought this AC 17days back and I found it very impressive. Cooling capacity is amazing my room is big in size and it chills my room very fast. It has very advance and effective features too. I am happy that I made a good choice.
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