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Panasonic NA-W72G2RRB Washing Machine(7.2kg:Semi Automatic)

Panasonic NA-W72G2RRB Washing Machine(7.2kg:Semi Automatic)

Brand Panasonic
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Overview: Panasonic NA-W72G2RRB Washing Machine(7.2kg:Semi Automatic)

Washing clothes for daily wear, sheets, curtains and woolens are necessary chore, but it is both time consuming and exhausting. Now, the process is vastly simplified with the help of the Panasonic NA-W72G2RRB 7.2kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine. This sleek looking modern semi automatic washing machine can wash all your clothes while you give a much needed rest to your hands. The Panasonic washing machine comes with a unique anti-rust body which makes the machine more durable. This also eliminates the possibility of electric shocks. The chromed knobs complement the stylish design perfectly while the prominently placed user friendly panel increases the functionality of this machine.

This efficient washing machine comes with a number of functions to ensure that clothes are washed and dried thoroughly. It is a 7.2 kilogram washing machine that comes with an auto soak function. This allows the clothes to soak and loosen the dirt particles for easy removal. The wide inlet diameter ensures that you can put in bulky clothes easily into the machine. Anti bacterial coating is put on the pulsator so that clothes are disinfected thoroughly. This washing machine is equipped with the Panasonic aqua crystal filter. It helps in thorough cleaning. There are three courses from which you can select. These are strong, regular and gentle. Your choice will depend on the level and type of dirt on the clothes. Dirt is collected in the magic filter which effectively removes lint. A strong central water shower thoroughly rinses the cloth of any detergent residues. The double action pulsator performs the final task of removing every particle of dirt. Finally, the air dryer system circulates air through the clothes and removes bad odor as well as allergens to ensure hygienic drying. You can put your clothes in for washing and a buzzer will alert you when the wash cycle is over.

You can buy online this machine and save yourself the monotony of a daily chore.

Features: Panasonic NA-W72G2RRB Washing Machine(7.2kg:Semi Automatic)

  • CATEGORY : Washing Machines
Product Details
Brand Panasonic
Warranty 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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