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Panasonic NC-GF1 - Coffee/Tea Makers
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Panasonic NC-GF1 - Coffee/Tea Makers

Brand Panasonic
Size As Shown
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Overview: Panasonic NC-GF1 - Coffee/Tea Makers

Enjoy the same taste of your favourite caffeine, tea or a coffee and refresh mind and body. A cup of tea or a coffee before starting your day can help you go lively throughout the day. Bring this Panasonic NC-GF1 - Coffee/Tea Maker to your kitchen and enjoy the coffee/tea taste any time you want. You don't have to spend much time while preparing coffee or a tea in this appliance. If the members of you have different taste, it will be easy to prepare both the drinks in less time. Usually, elder people have habit of starting there with a cup of a tea on the other side the younger generation is fond of coffee more. This Panasonic NC-GFI-Coffee/Tea Maker can serve both the purpose and offers both the drinks in less time. So your entire family can be together on the dining table and enjoy the taste of their respective drinks.

Design Of The Coffee/Tea Maker

The design of this Coffee/Tea maker is not very broad and it will not consume much space in your kitchen. It has plastic body with a glossy finish that adds a good look into your kitchen. This Panasonic NC-GF1 - Coffee/Tea Makers is white in colour that also makes it look simple and attractive. You can make up to 10 cups of coffee or a tea in the jar that comes along with this maker. This appliance features mesh filter, drip stopper and requires power consumption of about 800 Watts. This Panasonic NC-GF1 - Coffee/Tea Makers comes along with a jar with a measurement scale equipped in it, which lets you put the right amount of milk and water. You will also receive a plastic spoon to help you put required sugar. You can make varieties of coffees in this coffee maker. At the back of the appliance, there a plug wire that requires a power socket to run the maker. With less electricity consumption, you can make your favourite caffeine any time easily and quickly.

It is essential to start your day with a drink that lets you feel fresh and also protects you with good health. A cup of tea every day can help you hydrate your body and replenish the fluid intake. And if you like to consume a cup of coffee it helps you in burning fats and also improves the physical Performance. Tea also works well on your teeth. On the other hand, coffee lowers the risk of type II Diabetes. Today in a market you get tea and coffee in varieties of flavour such as Cardamom that helps you deal stress, Ginger that refreshes you from cough and cold. Dark coffee can help you deal better with a headache and much more. Consuming excess of caffeine may cause to bad health, but it is also important to consume the cup of tea/coffee once in a day. Shop online this brilliant Panasonic NC-GF1 - Coffee/Tea Maker from Junglee and enjoy your favourite drink anytime you prefer. Junglee is the largest online organized selection of products in India wherein under the same roof, customers can avail the best offers from across leading online e-commerce websites.

Product Details
Brand Panasonic
Colour Name N.a.
Size As Shown

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  1.  it is amazing product for me 1 September, 2013 On
    in future i would like to open individual coffee shop shortly. i kept it in my mind at the time of buy i will give to this product first preference, not preference mostly i have to take over this product. thanks
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