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Panasonic SC-XH170 DVD Home Theatre System

Panasonic SC-XH170 DVD Home Theatre System

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Product Description

There is almost no one who does not love listening to music. The sound of the system that the music is being played on is absolutely very important. Technologically the world has advanced to great limits. There are various devices that make you listen to music. However, to find the perfect system that will enhance the entire listening experience is difficult. We are so busy with the daily toils that when ever we get time we feel like going home and relax listening to our favourite set of music. Nothing can get better than a theatre like experience right at your living room. Music has very strong soothing properties. It can work wonders and make you feel relaxed in an instant. The device that we get our music from is often of great concern. However, to find a perfect home theatre system is one of the big challenges in this case. At this situation, Panasonic SC-XH170 DVD Home Theatre System comes to the rescue. This is one product that will end your search for a perfect home theatre system.


Panasonic is a reputed brand dealing with exceptional electronic devices. It is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation. The headquarters of this brand is in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. This company was founded in the year 1918. The products by Panasonic are all known to be of extremely high quality. It has marked its name through excellence since many years. Panasonic is a famous name dealing with various kinds of electronic devices. Their products are known to be exceptionally genuine. The experts and designers of the company manufacture products with utmost care and precision. They pay full attention on the needs and the demands of their customers. The customer care and service that the brand provides is also very efficient. The way they handle the queries and the problems of their customers is mention worthy. The designs of their products are very modern and stylish. They are durable and have great functionality. There is bound to be no regret with the purchase of a Panasonic product. Their products are available online and you can shop online with full convenience.


Panasonic SC-XH170 DVD Home Theatre System is a remarkable device that is sure to please you. The sound quality of the speakers is of ultimate premium quality. It has a dynamic bass sound and a powerful bass reflex subwoofer with another 20 centimetre big woofer. This new model of home theatre system is very different from the other conventional models. The new bass reflex subwoofer has around 1.5 times the volume and the subwoofer speaker unit is increased to around 20 centimetres. The size of the speaker magnet has also been enlarged for the large subwoofer. It has been enlarged for the centre, rear and front speakers. High quality images can be enjoyed with full ease with the High Quality Picture HDMI 1080p Up-Conversion feature. This system works wonders on HD flat screen TVs and helps provide vivid, sharp and exceptionally detailed high-resolution images. The system has an easy set up feature which enables you to position speakers and place audio outputs based on the onscreen guidance that comes along with the package. Movie viewing is taken to an extremely great level with this amazing model of home theatre system. The amazing quality of sound that it provides is extremely praiseworthy.





WARRANTY: One year manufacturer warranty






Panasonic SC-XH170 DVD Home Theatre System is a product of high class. Panasonic is known to produce durable products and this system is no doubt, absolutely durable. This product is bound to last for many years. However, a few precautions have to be taken while dealing with the system. Its maintenance is extremely easy. It is recommended that you read the entire user manual before operating it. Install the device in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct contact with water. Do not clean it with any form of harsh chemical based cleaning agents. You can simply brush it with a soft brush. This system is definitely one of the most amazing devices that you can get at your home and enjoy life to the fullest.

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