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Panasonic T9 (White)
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Panasonic T9 (White)

Product Specifications
Brand Panasonic
Model T9
Operating System Android v4.4.2 (Kitkat)
Color White
Display Size 3.5 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 2.0 megapixels

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Overall Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Should be your first android smartphone ! 29 May, 2015 On
    I bought this online for 3060/- rupees and it came in white color. Came with charger/usb cable/transparent phone guard and handsfree (which I have still not touched/opened/used/keeping it for a rainy day/ if I need to travel by train or something). I have had it for about two months now since the purchase and initially I wasn't so happy about it. The screen size is small at 3.5" but for someone who is migrating from something like a Nokia 1100 to his first smartphone this should be the ideal choice. The performance is good without any lags/hanging problems and the android kitkat is far superior than the xiaomi redmi 1s(still hasn't got KitKat)that I had earlier and sold due to Mi not giving updates and the horrible service record it had and still does. The previous Redmi1s of mine also used to hang terribly and very frequently while playing music/videos from SD card but surprisingly this Panasonic T9 doesn't although it has only 512MB RAM and I've put an 8GB class 4 or lower MicroSD card in it. So that's quite good.
    Another advantage is that the dual SIM slots are for normal/regular/Mini SIM cards so if you're upgrading from something like Nokia 3310/1100, you can just start using the phone right away without worrying about getting a Micro SIM first....
    This is a good buy and now I'm happier with it instead of being miserable with that horrible Redmi1s I had and then sold in disgust. Its like Panasonic T9 is the homely wife that is good for you compared to Redmi1s which is like a hot chick who is a heart-breaker and not worth the misery/tension of android updates etc.etc.........
    Worth buying at 3K and around that price, this is a good phone to keep.
    I must say that 2G performance is slow and since this phone doesn't have 3G, your apps/internet activities require Wi-Fi and I had to buy a Netgear D500 wifi router/modem from Amazon India to replace my Dlink DSL 2520U for that purpose. Anyway, I was just postponing getting onto WiFi at home and this phone was the motivation I needed to finally get it. Like I said, this should be your first android smartphone if you're looking for something in 3K range, I'm glad I bought it and sold off that useless Redmi1s, I'm less stressed and more happier now. Incidentally, the call-recording on Panasonic T9 is far superior in quality than redmi1s and so is file-size which is smaller.....
    Would've given it 5 stars if it had 3G but for now let me give it 4.....
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