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Pepper Brushes his Teeth

Pepper Brushes his Teeth

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd

Most parents are concerned about the right way of imparting correct habits in their children. Dealing with children can be challenging, particularly if parents are clueless about the right approach to teaching new activities to the children. Even after learning new activities and habits, there is no guarantee that children would consistently and permanently be following them. Books are a wonderful way to teaching correct habits to children and Pepper Brushes His Teeth is one such great book meant for children.

This book is designed to inculcate good habits in children through the lovable character Pepper, a cute puppy. With the puppy designed to be cuddly, children find it far more easier to relate to him and learn from him. The book has been written to teach youngsters simple habits like correctly brushing their teeth and this is done through colourful and interesting stories.

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You can easily read out this book to your tiny tots, not only helping them in the reading process but also teaching new activities and habits along the way. The book has been developed by Sterling publishers and Pepper at the table and Pepper goes to school are some of the other titles developed by the author. You can buy online the paperback edition of the book published by Sterling publishers with ISBN-10: 8120764544 and ISBN-13: 978-8120764545.

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