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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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Language English
Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Actor(s) Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson
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Product Description

Join the biggest adventure of your life, with Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover, and Tyson in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Join Percy, a demigod, as he and his friends from Camp Half Blood embark on an adventure to save their home from being overrun by monsters.

The story unfolds straight after the first part and finds the main protagonist, Percy Jackson, played by Logan Lerman, finally blending in with his new home. The Son of Poseidon is greeted with an odd surprise as he finds out that he's not his father's only son. His half brother, Tyson, played by Douglas Smith, is a Cyclops and was led to the camp by their father. When their friend, Grover (played by Brandon T. Jackson), is kidnapped by Luke (played by Jake Abel), and the security of their home is threatened, Percy, Annabeth (played by Alexandra Daddario), and Tyson head out for the biggest adventure of their lives.

They must journey across the world and dive into the sea of monsters, battling the most ferocious creatures, in order to save their friend and retrieve a mythical object capable of revitalizing the camp's safety wall - The Golden fleece.

As Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson journey across the world, their loyalty and friendship is constantly tested through various challenges, both physical and mental. Tyson, a Cyclops, always finds himself out of place with the demigods around and is an under confident and shy character. Neither Percy, nor Annabeth are too fond of him. But as the story progresses, they find out that nothing can break the bond of family and friendship. Travel across the oceans, fight monsters, face the ultimate villain, Kronos, and witness the amazing spectacle that Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is. Not only will old friends return so will old enemies. Luke, whom Percy defeated in the previous story line, returns to ensure that Percy and his friends never get hold of the Golden fleece, and nor do they get to save their friend, Grover. Will Luke succeed in his plan? Or will Percy and gang get to save the day? Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters to find out. And make sure you stick till the very end of the movie because there is a surprise in store for you.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has been directed by Thor Freudenthal, and written by  Marc Guggenheim (screenplay), based upon the novel "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters" written by Rick Riordan. Enjoy the 133 minute long adventure in DVD format with 5.1 Dolby Digital sound.

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2013
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2013
Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Genre Kids & family - adventure, kids & family - fantasy
Censor Rating U/A (Parental Guidance)
Actor(s) Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson
Director(s) Thor Freudenthal
No of Discs 1
Runtime 133 minutes
Studio Excel

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  A different world of graphics and entertainment 18 January, 2014 On
    Directed by Thor Freudenthal, Produced by Michael Barnathan/Karen Rosenfelt, Starring Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), Brandon Jackson (Grover), Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth), Douglas Smith (Tyson) and Jake Abel (Luke). Music by Andrew Lockington, Cinematography by Shelly Johnson.

    Storyline: Camp Half-Blood is a little township where the children of Gods live in peace and harmony. This is where Percy Jackson (son of Poseidon-Greek God of the Sea) and his friends Annabeth, Grover, Luke and Tyson (Percy’s half brother) live. Long ago, a girl called Thalia, daughter of the eldest God, Zeus, sacrifices her life to protect Annabeth, Luke and Grover against a monster attack. Her death leaves her to be transformed into a pine tree and form a protection layer to the Camp. One day Luke, the great grandson of the evil Titan God Kronos, tries to revive him from his coffin through the Golden Fleece, and seeks Percy’s help, since he believes that Percy is the only living child of the eldest Gods, as per a legend of the Oracle. Percy turns down Luke’s proposal. Luke in protest, poisons Thalia’s tree and disappears. The Camp elders now know that the tree can be saved only through the Golden Fleece, which has magical powers to heal and raise the dead. Percy and his friends set out to obtain the Fleece from Polyphemus Lair in an island in the middle of the Sea of Monsters. Percy adventures to get the Fleece from the monster man and while returning is confronted by Luke. The Golden Fleece is used to raise the Kronos from his coffin, by Luke. But Percy valiantly kills the Kronos with his Riptide, a cursed blade gifted by his father. Percy and his team bring back the Golden Fleece to the Camp Half-Blood and revive the dying Thalia tree and restores the protection layer. In the process, Thalia also comes back to life due to the magical power of the Golden Fleece only to reveal her true identity and surprise everyone.

    Positives: An visual treat for all age groups. Though the story line is a little confusing for those who haven’t seen the first part in Percy Jackson series, one gets to enjoy the extensive graphics used and great screenplay assisted by beautiful cinematography. The visual effects are so rich and colourful that the audience is virtually carried into a different world, when watched on big screen.

    Negatives: The story line is confusing for those who haven’t watched the previous Percy Jackson movie “The Lightning Thief”.

    My rating is 4 out of 5
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