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Periodic Table

Periodic Table

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Language English
Contributor(s) Dreamland Publications
Binding Poster
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Overview: Periodic Table

Periodic Table chart by Dreamland Publications is a must-have for your children if they have chemistry as a subject in their curriculum. It is the latest periodic table designed scientifically and accurately to suit academic purposes. The chemical elements are colour-coded so that it is easy to differentiate between the chemicals, symbols and their behaviour. The elements are laid out in grids with 18 columns and 7 rows based on their atomic number, electron configurations and recurring chemical properties, with a double row of elements at the base. Presented in a tabular format, this Periodic Table poster is designed in a standard Dmitri Mendeleev style.

Suitable for both school and collegiate levels, this Periodic Table Chart will improve your kids' understanding of the chemicals and help in learning them quicker and efficiently. The determiners are labelled as periods, groups, metals and non metals and chemical symbols in bold to make it easy to analyse the chemical behaviours. Also, an index is illustrated to determine how to view the table. This Periodic Table Chart for kids and grownups is attractive in its colourful representation which will motivate your children to study it everyday. You can stick this Periodic Table English format on the wall or the study desk in your kids' room so that they look at it and memorise the elements and symbols.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 25, 2012
Publisher Dreamland Publications
Contributor(s) Dreamland Publications
Binding Poster
Page Count 1
ISBN 10 8184511566
ISBN 13 9788184511567
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