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Model Number 100030
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Product Description

If you are a cat-lover, then you must know what they love the most. Cats love getting scratched and itched all over their body. If not by you, then they use the shredded drapes, tattered corners of the sofa, or any other soft yet rough items to scratch against their bodies. The 'Cat Scratcher Board Large - 100030' is a large rough board that you can use to satisfy the needs of your pet cats by comforting them with soft rubbings. Use this scratchboard also to protect your valuable items from being damaged by your cats scratching-instincts.

Scratching Habit

The scratcher board is a very convenient item to help your cats take out their scratching urges and also to prevent them from creating scratch-marks all over the place. Cats fondness of scratching is known to all, and this practice can cause damage to your valuable and expensive products in the house. If not taken cared of, this habit may leave various evidences all over your house. Cats establish their territory by leaving marks of their claws at the locations where they can scratch. Such practices lead to a number of claw-scratch marks at several spots in your home. They might even damage your expensive sofa set, tables, and other decorative items.

Healthy Exercise

Scratching is a very healthy exercise for the cats. You can use the scratcher board to help your cats stay in shape. The act of scratching helps in stretching, pulling and working out the cats' front muscles. Thus, the wooden scratcher board is the ideal product to satiate the primal urges of your pet cats. The surface of the board is made of textile materials that the cats can shred on to leave their territorial marks as well. You can order online for this scratcher board and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Product Details
Model Number 100030
Colour Name Cream
Item Package Quantity 1

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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  My kitty just won't use it 3 April, 2013 On
    I've tired just about eveyrthing to get my little 4 month old kitty to use it.... and she just won't. And she scratches EVERYTHING possible. Anything else but this. I have tried all sorts of things to get her to use this - Catnip, some fish, treats, toys, praises, getting her to the scratching board when she is digging away at my sofa - but nothing seems to work. I even mounted it right next to my sofa for a few days without any success.
    So I am guessing one of these could be a problem -

    1. The actual area available for scratching is quite thin. Maybe cats don't exactly like to scratch on a thin strip
    2. It is possible that the material on the scratching pad is a little too rough for the delicate paws of a young kitten. Older cats might find this easier to use. I guess this could be the reason my kitten won't use it.
    3. I wish it was easier to mount this thing. There are two tiny screws which come with this board and you will need a drill or something if you intend on putting this up on a wall.

    So cute as it looks, it is lying unused in my house at least. I wish my cat would just warm up to it.
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