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Philips HP8216 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8216 Hair Dryer

Brand Philips
Model Number 18674
Size 1
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Overview: Philips Hp8216 Hair Dryer

In an age where everything has become very time consuming as people are in a mad rush to meet their deadlines, and do whatever it takes to complete their daily tasks in the shortest amount of time, electrical and electronic appliances have taken over. Keeping in mind that time is at a premium, brands have introduced a number of appliances which have helped people meet their deadlines and never run out of time while completing the smallest tasks that are time consuming. Hairdryers have been one of the most important appliances in all households, especially for women. Gone are the times when people would leave their homes with wet hair after a bath and faced the problem of not being able to dry their wet hair in a hurry to reach college, school or work. Being the owner of the correct hair dryer is a necessity and if you are on the hunt for a useful hair dryer that would suit your needs, then your search would definitely end here. Phillips, a renowned electronics appliance brand, has introduced the Kerashine hair dryer which would surely solve your needs and speed up your process of hair drying. Shop for the Kerashine Hair Dryer Hp8216 Black online.

Product Features:

This Kerashine hair dryer by Phillips is the perfect choice for all those who travel very often as it is usually foldable as well as very compact, and can be easily carried in your pocket of the travelling bag. It is ideal for working women. A smart and simple look in a stylish black colour, the hair dryer features user friendly mechanisms which are not complicated in turn making it very easy to use and enhancing easy operation. It comprises of a slender body which is not too bulky and hence can be easily held in your hand while it is in use. It also features a switch button in the middle portion of the handle that features the power as well as the adjustable speed and heat settings that would enable you to control your temperature according to your individual preference and comfort. It must also be kept in mind to never use a lot of heat while drying your wet hair as it could lead to serious damage of your hair roots. Hence, alternating between the heat switches of this dryer would be a very practical and safe way of using the Phillips hair dryer. It also comprises of a foldable handle which makes it easily portable and will also help in storing it. The constant volume of temperature of this Phillips hair dryer will enable you to dry your hair very fast and to the desired amount that you need so that you do not over dry your wet hair that could lead to damage to your hair roots. You can also alternate between the cold and hot air feature with the help of which you can be assured that your hair would not be exposed to a large amount of hot air which in turn could damage your hair and burn it. Via this constant alternating between the temperatures of your hair dryer, your hair will in turn retain its natural moisture levels resulting in giving you soft, silky and smooth hair. The cord of this hair dryer is also long and will help you to stand at a distance from your room's switchboard if you wish to dry your hair in front of the mirror in case it is situated at a distance from your switch board. Compact and practical, this Kerashine Hair Dryer Hp8216 Black is a must buy as it comprises all that you are searching for in a hair dryer.

The many uses of a Hair Dryer:

At a time when people everywhere are always in a rush to reach their destinations as time does not wait for anyone, it is not only your hair which could need drying. For the woman who has just applied a newly painted coat of nail polish, your hair dryer will come in handy to hasten the process of drying them. If you happen to spill water or other liquids on your clothes and are in a hurry to leave your house, but have to wait for your clothes to dry, the hair dryer will come in handy again. It will also instantly dry your clothes if you happen to drop water on your phone, you can also use your hair dryer to remove any sort of moisture and dry your phone by taking out the battery from the phone and drying it with a hair dryer which in turn would dry it completely, and prevent damage of any sort. Experiment with various ways in which you can put the hair dryer to use and put it to the best use possible.

Shop for the Kerashine Hair Dryer Hp8216 Black online and you will never have a bad hair day again. Order now. Hurry!

Features: Philips Hp8216 Hair Dryer

  • type : Hair Dryer
Product Details
Manufacturer Philips
Brand Philips
Model Number 18674
Colour Name Black
Size 1
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 2 Years
Technical Specification
Power Source Electricity

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  1.  hair dryer... 4 February, 2015 On
    I purchased this dryer a month back and i am loving it. Its really nice, gives your hair extra shine and is also less harsh on your hair. It has two heat settings and also a cool air setting which will help you to set your hair if you are not in a hurry. I would recommend this product if you want to buy a nice hair dryer.
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