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Philips 2W LED Spot Light

Philips 2W LED Spot Light

Brand Philips
Model Number 111000529
Colour White
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Product Description

The soft, dappled light that's perfectly bright for comfort and convenience; the glow it casts on the walls and ceiling, which makes one be reminded of all the warmth and peace of home; that's what a great light like the new 2 W Philips LED Spot Light makes the place look like. Try this new lighting solution for everyday use, and you would know what special occasions look like.

A bright LED lamp that illuminates like a pro, and takes 90 percent lesser energy than a regular bulb; this is the lighting for the future. This lamp gives as much illumination as a 20 W halogen lamp. With a life of 10,000 hours, this is a pretty durable and long lasting LED bulb for the home or office. Ideal for corridors, cabinets, display cases and lift lobbies, this light can be kept on all the time without any worries of the electricity bill; it is energy efficient, bright and does not heat up.

The all white design makes it look contemporary and smart, and so does the fact that it can fit into most existing holders. You don't need to get a special type of holder to get your old bulbs replaced with this revolutionary, new spot light. Get one for the home or office or any other workspace like hotel, reception, or even hallways and start saving electricity; cut down your bills and save the environment as well! Shop online for 2 W Philips LED Spot Light as this product is now available for online sale in India.
Product Details
Manufacturer PHILIPS
Brand Philips
Model Number 111000529
Colour White
Item Package Quantity 1

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