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Philips QT 4006 Trimmer (Black & Red)

Philips QT 4006 Trimmer (Black & Red)

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Overview: Philips Qt 4006 Trimmer

It is the age of the metrosexual man. Men have a need to groom themselves too. It is important for men to have a decent shave every now and then or style their beard in different ways. To do so there is need of a very decent shaver which is very difficult to find. However, with the arrival of the Philips Black And Red QT 4006 Trimmer, the game has changed considerably. Buy the Philips Black And Red QT 4006 Trimmer online. Get it now. Hurry!

Product Features:

This Philips trimmer is one of a kind. The Philips trimmer is equipped with the capability to provide a score of trim length settings. That along with a precision of 0.5mm makes the trimmer a must buy. The blades are titanium coated and sturdy. The non scratch teething provides scope for a very comfortable trim. The trimming head is removable and can be removed and cleaned of hair. Accumulation of hair may adversely affect the performance of the machinery. The rounded tip of the trimming head has been put through dermatological tests and is quality tested to be safe and easy to operate. The trimmer is powered by a battery which needs around 10 hrs of charging to be completely charged. The trimmer can run for 90 minutes at a stretch once full charged. It is ergonomically designed, which enables easy handling and the petite make makes it highly portable.

Care and Maintenance:

Store the shaver in a cool and dry place to ensure that the shaver does not come in contact with moisture. The shaver is a dry type shaver which cannot at any cost come in contact with moisture as that may affect the circuitry adversely. Also, always clean the blade with the cleaner provided with the shaver. This will ensure that there is no obtrusion in the mechanism of the blade and the machinery. Keep the shaver away from extreme temperatures. It is prudent to change the batteries every once in a while to ensure that the machinery is always working at the optimum. Keeping such simple steps will ensure the longevity of your shaver. The Philips Black And Red QT 4006 Trimmer is now available online. Shop online for Philips Black And Red QT 4006 Trimmer and help yourself to a lifetime of clean and easy shaves. Try different styles every now and then and always be in fashion. Order now! Buy online today. Hurry!

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