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Philips Avent 11 Ounce/330ml Feeding Bottle (Single Pack)
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Philips Avent 11 Ounce/330ml Feeding Bottle (Single Pack)

Lowest online price: 490
Brand Philips Avent
Maximum Age 2 years
Size 330ml
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Overview: Philips Avent 11 Ounce/330ml Feeding Bottle

Bottle feeding a baby can be a tough job for many moms. Babies can restore to fussing and colic behaviours at times making it more difficult to bottle feed. But sleep and nutrition are the two essential requirements for proper growth of the baby. Thus to help you feed your baby, Philips has introduced its Avent range of feeding bottles. You can now shop online Philips Avent Feeding Bottle for your babies and experience easy and quick feeding sessions.

Product description

The Avent feeding bottle from the house of Philips is an advanced feeding bottle made of BPA free polypropylene making it safer for your baby. This bottle features a unique valve on the nipple and an adopter ring which is naturally shaped promoting proper latch on. This enables the milk flow at pace comfortable to your baby and minimises overeating, gas or burping as in breast feeding. Clinically it has proven that this Avent bottle reduces fussing by 28 minutes compared to traditional bottles. The unique anti-colic valve of the bottle flexes to allow air into the bottle and prevents air build up. This allows the air bubbles to move into the bottle away from the nipple and also the baby's tummy. The ergonomic shape of the bottle allows you to grip or hold the bottle in any direction. The bottle features a broad mouth enabling fuss free filling and convenient cleaning. The bottle comes with a dome shaped cap for spill proof carrying. These bottles are made dishwasher friendly so that you do not have to spend extra time on cleaning it. What's also best about it is that it is microwave safe.

Key Features

BPA free polypropylene feeding bottle

Anti-colic valve to prevent air build up

Clinically proven to reduce fussing by 28 minutes

Ergonomic shape enabling proper grip in any direction

Spill proof dome shaped cap

Dishwasher friendly and microwave safe

Guide to Bottle Feeding

Your baby might take a while to adjust to bottle feeding. So you will require making bottle feeding as familiar and comfortable as possible. While most babies prefer to have milk at room temperature, few prefer it to be served hot. You need to prepare the milk like wise. Always check the temperature of the milk on the wrist before feeding to be sure not to scald your child's mouth. You need to hold the baby in an upright position while feeding. So find a comfortable position in which you will be able to keep holding for the entire time. Patience is all you need while bottle feeding your baby. The baby might doze off to sleep in between. Touch the teat of the bottle to the lower lip of his mouth to encourage its wide opening. When your baby opens the mouth, put the bottle in ensuring that the tongue is down. Make sure that your baby's lips are around the wide part of the teat at the bottom. This is an important feature of the bottle that enables natural tongue and jaw movement maintaining natural suckling behaviour. Remember to keep the bottle tilted so that the teat is always filled with milk to prevent suckling of air. Always keep the bottle and the teat sterilised.


Since your baby has low immune system, he is susceptible to sickness very quickly due to a slightest of bacteria in their feeding bottle. Therefore it is very important to clean and sterilise the bottle and teat carefully to ensure a healthier baby. Since this bottle is made dishwasher friendly, you can put this on the dishwasher for cleaning. Otherwise you can use a mild soap and a bottle scrubber for cleaning it. Firstly clean the sink or the bucket where you intend to wash the bottle. Use warm water and soap to clean the bucket. Next, dismantle the bottle completely so that you can wash each part separately. Take warm water, mix few drops of mild soap and wash each part carefully as there might remain milk residues. After the cleaning is done, rinse the parts of the bottle very carefully with warm water. Repeat this process until you are sure that there is no soap residues left. After it is cleaned prepare the bottle to be sterilised. You can use the traditional way or the microwave or the bottle steriliser for the purpose. In each of the way, let the bottle boil in water for a stipulated time, so that there is no trace of germs or infection. Now dry the bottles with a clean sterilised cloth which is kept for using in this purpose only.  

So without wasting much time, buy this bottle for your baby or for the purpose of gifting. You can buy online Philips Avent feeding Bottle for happy and healthy feeding from any corner of the world.

Features: Philips Avent 11 Ounce/330ml Feeding Bottle

  • Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing
  • Allows air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy
  • Honey-colored BPA-free PES material for extra durability
  • Only three components for ease of cleaning
  • Five different nipple flow rates are available
  • Advanced Classic Bottle: 1 piece
  • Classic Variable Flow Nipple: 1 piece
Product Details
Manufacturer Philips Avent
Brand Philips Avent
Model Number SCF666/10
Maximum Age 2 years
Size 330ml
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 39.2 cm x 30.5 cm x 6.8 cm

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