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Philips CA6702/00 Coffee Makers

Philips CA6702/00 Coffee Makers

Brand Philips
Model Number CA6702/00
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Overview: Philips CA6702/00 Coffee Makers

The Philips CA6702/00 Coffee Maker Cartridge is designed to provide you with filtered water for the perfect cup of coffee. Water is an important ingredient for brewing perfect coffee. It is important to get the right blend of water to give an extra edge to your coffee. This kitchen appliance gives your freshly filtered water for a pure coffee experience. It is designed specifically for Saeco espresso machines. You can set it according to the hardness level of the water available and this cartridge will carry out the rest smoothly.

The Philips CA6702/00 Coffee Maker Cartridge is highly customisable. You can adjust the water filter settings. You can use the adjustment ring for this purpose. For soft water, set it on A while for hard water, the C setting is optimal. This provides you protection against limescale and also offers the best tasting water.

The Philips CA6702/00 Coffee Maker Cartridge also extends the life of your espresso machines as limescale deposits and hard water can cause your espresso machinery to deteriorate quickly. Improving the quality of water and its hardness level provides gentle care to your espresso machine. It makes the espresso machine last much longer. This cartridge also have a long working life. For the average use, this cartridge can last for up to two months. Save your money as you do not need to change these filters as frequently as the other ones.

The Philips CA6702/00 Coffee Maker Cartridge is compatible with all Saeco appliances. This filter is easy to use as comes with a click & go system. This filter cartridge clicks into the water tank and remains there without coming loose. This ensures better performance. You get freshest tasting water and perfectly brewed coffee all the time. Order online to get this kitchen appliance to enhance your coffee experience and taste.
Product Details
Manufacturer Philips
Brand Philips
Model Number CA6702/00
Item Package Quantity 1

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