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Philips Electric Rice Cooker 4.2L - HD3045/00

Philips Electric Rice Cooker 4.2L - HD3045/00

Brand Philips
Model Number Electric Rice Cooker
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Overview: Philips Electric Rice Cooker 4.2L - HD3045/00

Designed with the latest technology and introduced by the most popular brand Philips, this electric cooker is an appliance that steams and cooks rice perfectly. It enables you to make healthy and delicious rice items like pulao, biryani, and plain rice in a few minutes. This branded rice cooker is expedient to preserve and lessens the time of cooking. It comes in different shapes, designs and sizes. This cooker gives a creative appearance to your kitchen with stylish and classy designs.

Philips HD3045 Rice Cooker comes with 4.2L Inner Pot Capacity and ensures no rice particle sticks in the appliance unlike traditional cooking methods because it has a built-in aluminium pan. It exhibits the water level marking which helps to cook rice perfectly. It is very easy to clean and is highly durable. It is portable and can be easily operated. This kitchen appliance is user-friendly and easy to install, with quick heating to provide elevated heat range to steam the food. It gives consistent results every time you use. It features a clip-on power cord for enhanced control and storage space. The preeminent of all is the on/off switch with a common button for easy to get into operation. The basis of heating this gadget is electricity; therefore, no fire related mishap can happen while you cook in your Philips cooker.

Taking into consideration the requirements of recent time�s lifestyle and the necessities of a regular household, various retailers supply branded Electric Cooker. You don�t need to move out of your home as you can buy online. You can pick the one you like at a reasonable price without hassling over the features, quality and well-timed deliverance. It�s a perfect buy for every homemaker.

Product Details
Manufacturer Philips
Brand Philips
Model Number Electric Rice Cooker

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