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Philips Epilator HP 6421
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Philips Epilator HP 6421

Brand Philips
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Overview: Philips Epilator Hp 6421

In this time-oriented metropolitan life, it is difficult to visit the salons on a regular basis. When it comes to waxing, especially, the process is not only time consuming but can also be messy and painful. If you are facing daily trouble to go to the beauty parlours to rid yourself of the skin hair, here is a fabulous product that will be of immense use. This Philips HP6421 Epilator is the right product that will improve the way you do away with unwanted hair. It is designed in an advanced way to offer you a smooth finish that is long lasting. It is equipped to remove hair gently, straight from the roots. It removes hair that is as short as 0.5 mm. The Satinelle epilator keeps your skin hair-free for as long as four weeks. Additionally, the device comes with a small cleaning brush and an accessory, to be of better usage. So, go ahead and shop for this Philips HP6421 Epilator White online to have a fuss free, hair removing experience.

Technical Specifications:

This Philips HP6421 is engineered following an advanced technology and comes with updated features so that you benefit using it without any hassle. There are gentle tweezing discs and unique epilation discs added so that you have a smooth, hair removing experience. There are 2 speed settings available and it also has a washable epilation head. Moreover, a sensitive area cap and a cleaning brush have been provided as additional accessories with this. It offers ergonomic grip control so that you can handle it with ease. The voltage device is 13V and the voltage adapter 13V/ 400mA. There are as many as 21 discs and 20 catching points so that it offers the best service to you. There are two speed modes available. The pulling action per second at the speed 1 mode is 600 whereas at speed 2, it is 733. Moreover, this Philips device has been packaged and designed using eco-friendly materials that are recyclable. The product is portable and light in weight, being only 93g. The weight of the accessory is 68g. So, you can carry it with utmost ease wherever you need to and use it with ease. Furthermore, it comes from the popular house of Philips that is one of the leading manufacturers of a variety of electronic devices and offers only high quality products to the consumers who opt for items belonging to their brand. So, you can rely on the brand to offer you a superior quality product in the form of this epilator. Go ahead and buy it online to make your life easier.

Fabulous Features:

In addition to having a sleek and stylish look, this Philips model is loaded with some amazing features in order to make your experience with the device hassle-free. There is the sensitive area cap offered so that you can suitably use it on the bikini line and the underarms. It ensures that the device is gentle on your skin and therefore also suitable for usage in the sensitive areas of your body. The tweezing discs are equipped to tenderly remove strands of hair that are as short as 0.5 mm from the roots of the skin without making it a painful experience. There are the unique epilation discs provided for that. Be sure to have a smooth and safe experience. It is guaranteed that the device will offer high performance with the two speed modes. You can use the higher speed mode to remove the thin strands of hair and on the touch to arrive at areas. Do not worry about the handling as this epilator has an ergonomic grip and round shape so that you can hold it appropriately and comfortably remove hair.

Care and Maintenance:

The Philips Epilator is designed in such a manner so that it is self-sufficient in being clean and ready for use. The epilation head is washable to ensure easy cleaning. Therefore, you can use it in a hygienic manner and get silky soft skin in an instant. You can detach the head and clean the device under running water as well in order to ensure that it is neat and tidy after usage. Additionally, a small-sized cleaning brush is offered so that you can remove loose hair that accumulates on the discs after usage. The product is designed using premium quality materials so that it is durable and resistant to easy breakage. Just handle it with a little care to ensure that you do not drop it accidentally. Philips also offers you a manufacturer's warranty period with this model so that the device stays safe and sound from any kind of accidental manufacturing defects for a significant period of time. So, stay fuss free ad enjoy using this advanced epilator. Owning this, you can easily skip all those time-consuming waxing sessions at the salons and simply use it with ease, according to your convenience.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Philips

Manufacturer: Philips

Model Number: HP 6421

Type: Epilator

Ideal For: Legs and Body

Target Audience: Women

Package Content: 1 Unit

Therefore, do not wait any further. Get this fabulous and easy to use epilator for yourself and make the optimum use of it. You can buy this with just a simple click of the mouse. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy the Philips HP6421 Epilator White online.

Features: Philips Epilator Hp 6421

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Product Details
Manufacturer Philips
Manufacturer Part Number HP6421/00
Brand Philips
Colour Name Na
Item Package Quantity 1

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