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Philips 4 Way Extension Board with Spike & Surge Guard (Philips Spike Buster / Philips Surge Protector)
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Philips 4 Way Extension Board with Spike & Surge Guard (Philips Spike Buster / Philips Surge Protector)

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Product Description

It is hard to imagine a world without electricity today. All the devices on which we are most heavily dependent in daily life are either electrical or electronic. That is, all of them are powered by electricity. Therefore, you need ensure that all electrical and electronic appliances receive electricity easily and continuously. Besides, you also need to make sure that none of it gets damaged due to unwanted flow of current. If you want to have a device that fulfils both the purposes then you should buy Philips 913702333301 spike & surge guard 4 ways extension board online today. It is an extension board that is incorporated with surge and spike guarding technology. Since it is available online, you will not have waste your time in searching for a good product in bricks and mortar stores. You can simply place the order for the device via your PC and smartphone and get the product delivered to your preferred address without any hassle soon.

Features and Design of Spike and Surge Protector Extension Board

The Philips spike and surge protector extension board has a simple design. The convention of plug pins varies from country to country. That is why Philips has designed this extension board to compatible with a number of conventions. It is 0.75 mm sq cross section cord, designed to safely bear heavy load. The cable is designed to withstand regular wear and tear. The extension board is made impact strength material with integrated rail construction and glossy scratch resistant finish. The Philips spike and surge protector extension board is meant for 240 volts, 1500VA maximum power and 50 Hz AC.

Speciality and Benefits of Philips Spike and Surge Protector Extension

Electricity is the most widely used fuel in the world, especially for home appliances. The drawback with using electricity for electrical and electronic appliances is the abrupt surge of power due to certain reasons. That is when you need a device that can stabilise the flow of current and ensure that the devices in your home, office, etc. receive only what they need. The Philips 4 ways spike and surge guard is the product that you need. You cannot control natural phenomena such as lightning and thunder, flood, etc. However, these natural calamities and phenomena are potentially hazardous to electric grids and power supply units. In the best case, nothing may happen but in the worst case, there can be complete outage of power. An equally concerning effect of such natural incidents is abrupt surge or spike in electricity current. However, you will not have to be worried about safety of your electronic and electrical appliances, if you have the Philips spike and surge protector extension at your home. This device offers dual benefits to you. It protects your devices from power spike and surge as well as allows you to use multiple appliances without the need for as many wall outlets. There are 4 outlets in this extension board. Therefore, you can use appliances 4 times the number of power outlets in your home, office, shop, warehouse or elsewhere. So, shop online for the Philips spike and surge protector extension board at the earliest and ensure adequate protection for all your electrical and electronic appliances.

Maintenance and Care Tips for the Philips Spike & Surge Protector Extension

The detailed information pertaining to using the Philips spike and surge protector 4 ways extension is provided in the user manual that is supplied along with the product. So, you should thoroughly go through the instructions before you use the device. You will be well aware of what actions are recommended and what are prohibited. In general, you should keep the surge and spike protector at a place safe from accidental spill of water, juice, oil, tea, coffee or any other liquid. Since it is an electrical appliance, contact with liquid can be really hazardous.

About Philips

Philips is a diversified technology company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was founded in 1891 and is involved in designing and development of medical equipment, lighting and home appliances. Philips employs more than 122,000 people in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Key Highlights

Spike and surge protection feature

1500 VA maximum power

240 volts

50 Hz AC

Wear and tear resistant 0.75 mm cross section cable

Impact strength material

Integrated rail material

Different socket compatibility

Glossy finish

Firm socket grip

Product Details
Brand Philips
Item Package Quantity 1

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