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Philips GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player (Black)

Philips GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player (Black)

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Product Description

Personal music has never sounded so good or been so affordable. The Philips GoGear RaGA Mp3 Player brings you and music together in a tiny and compact package that's fits comfortably into your pocket, literally and figuratively!

Bringing your music to life, the Philips GoGear RaGA Mp3 Player is powered by its innovative FullSound Technology which restores faithfully the sonic details of your compressed mp3 files, thereby enhancing the sound quality and your listening experience manifold! Therefore you can have the same experience as you would when you listen to a CD, without any kind of distortion, disturbance or diminished detail. With its FullSound technology, Phillips brings together its world famous experience in music technology and reproduction and the latest digital signal processor, to give you an amazing audio experience.

The Philips GoGear RaGA Mp3 Player comes loaded with one simple programme that is easy to use in order to discover, play and sync music on to your mp3 player. The Phillips Songbird helps you discover new music, sync it seamlessly onto your device and play it to your heart's content. Its intuitive and powerful features for managing your music helps you to discover new artists and new music directly through music and media stores, services and website - thereby expanding your range and access many times over! You can play your own library and media - from both the internet and your PC - and seamlessly sync it all onto your Phillips mp3 player.

LikeMusic is another innovative feature that allows you to experience all the music you like best, over and over by removing the hassle of having to sort through your files and music library or wait for good fortune to favour you. A patented algorithm from Philips, LikeMusic analyses the music in your library to identify similar music characteristics. The programme is then able to create intelligent playlists of songs that sound great together. When you click on a song that you like, and hit the LikeMusic icon, a playlist is automatically generated and appears. To save it, all you have to do is give it a name!

The Philips GoGear RaGA Mp3 Player charges very quickly - you can enjoy 90 minutes of playback with just a five minute charge, and upto 22 hours of music when you charge it for just two hours. So if you have forgotten to charge your Mp3 player, and want just enough battery life to last your commute home, all you need to do is plug it in to your PC or USB charger for 5 minutes, and voila, you're all set for the next hour and a half. This is made possible by Philips Fast Charge which works by relying on higher current levels, thereby giving the player's lithium-ion battery the power required to tide you over.

The Philips GoGear RaGA Mp3 Player offers an optional Folder view, which allows you to view and organise your media files on the mp3 as you would on your PC. In other words, it is as simple as selecting Folder view, then opening any supported file and hitting the Play button to access it.

The built-in digital FM radio offers additional music options as you can also just tune into your favourite radio stations and catch up on all the latest music, news, views, gossip, traffic and weather reports as you go. All you need to do is tune into the frequency that you want to preset, press and hold the preset button to save the frequency. You can store upto 20 radio stations on the Philips GoGear RaGA Mp3 Player.

This Philips GoGear RaGA Mp3 Player supports multiple audio file formats, including MP3, WAV, wma, APE, and FLAC. It comes with 6 preset equaliser settings, namely Funk, Rock, Techno, Classical, Hip Hop and Jazz, to ensure a genre optimised experience. It has a port that supports a 3.5mm headphones jack and a USB 2.0 port. This mp3 player is compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system run PCs and laptops. With a memory capacity of 4 GB, it can store up to 900 songs.

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Product Features

  • Fullsound to bring your mp3 music to life
  • Soft and smooth finish for easy comfort and handling
  • Full color display for intuitive and enjoyable navigation
  • Enjoy up to 15 hours music playback
  • FM radio with 30 presets for more music options
  • Philips Songbird: One simple program to discover, play, sync
  • LikeMusic for playlists of songs that sound great together
  • Quick 6 minutes charge for 60 minutes of play
  • Folder view to organize and view media files like on your PC
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 5 cm x 1.3 cm x 4.3 cm

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Overall Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars
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