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Philips HTB5510 5.1 DVD Home theater system
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Philips HTB5510 5.1 DVD Home theater system

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Product Description

People wishing to buy home theatres are increasing day by day. It brings plenty of fun and entertainment to your family. Home theatres can be enjoyed by kids, elder ones, youths and old people equally. You could watch movies, TV series, music albums and games in your home theatre. The most important aspect of home theatres is that, it brings the feel of viewing a movie from a theatre. Philips HTB5510 5.1 DVD Home theatre system brings you the best home theatre experience. Philips is an outstanding electronic brand which sells quality equipments. They have lived up to the expectations people kept on them. And this home theatre is no difference, provides you world class experience.

Not Just the Entertainment

Many people have got a feeling that home theatres are only meant for entertainment. This option offers you to provide innovative teaching style to the students. The audio and video tutorials are easier for the students. Children prefer this way of learning from traditional style of learning. Home theatre from the Philips is the ideal ones to use in the school or other educational centre.

Relaxation From Work

Watching movies or listening movies in your home theatre from Philips will be a great relaxation from the regular work. It can act as a medicine for the people who are pressured with their works. This would reduce the strain he takes at his job. This in turn improves the productivity and efficiency of a person.

How to setup a Home Theatre

It will be always good, if you have a separate room for your home theatre. If the room is spacious enough, you can use big screen and plenty of speakers. This will give the feel of watching movies in a theatre. Apart from the screen, projectors and video source, you should have an excellent speaker system to enjoy the videos with the best quality.

Product Description

The manufacturer of this home theatre, Philips provides you with the best features. The visual effect you get from the home theatre will be different from the usual screens. Sound clarity of this home theatre is world class. The crystal clear sound of this home theatre will give you great feel, like we have during watching movies from theatres. You can also enjoy full HD 3D for truly immersive 3 D experience.

Product Dimensions

The black colour home theatre system from Philips weighs nearly 13 kg. The product dimensions are 54.4 x 48.8 x 38.2 cm.

Connecting Features

In order to connect this device with media devices, you may need 2 HDMI inputs and built in Wi-Fi to enjoy the connected media. You could also connect your gadgets like iPhones, iPod, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You could listen and download music, videos to your gadget and enjoy. You could also access radio stations in the country. You can also access internet radio and listen to online radio channels.

Quality Features

Philip provides you with the best home theatre system with excellent features. They never compromise in the quality of the system. There are plenty of choices available in the market. But if you are sensible enough, then you will surely get this excellent home theatre. The service Philips offer is beyond awesome. If you manage to use the home theatre from Philips with much care, then it will get the longest run.

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Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 2.8 cm x 4.3 cm x 0.6 cm

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