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Philips HTS5520

Philips HTS5520

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Product Description

Music is something that is a very personal choice. Every piece of music speaks in a different way to different people. One of the most popular electronic devices manufacturing companies in the world, Philips, brings to you a sound system that will enhance any kind of music that you like to listen to. The Philips HTS5520 Black Home Cinema System brings your music alive. So what are you waiting for? Shop online for this Philips home theatre system now and get it delivered to your doorstep.

The Look

Traditional home theatres are black in colour. This piece of beauty, following the trend, is also coloured black, and needless to say, it looks very stylish and adds an artistic dimension to your home décor. There are seven parts to this device. There are four satellite speakers. The front speakers are 100 x 279 x 103 mm each. The rear speakers are designed like bar speakers and they are dimensioned at 100 x 279 x 103 mm. The front speakers are sized in such a way that they can be concealed or fitted in different parts or corners of the room. The placement gives a different effect to the music when the output is multi-dimensional. There is one matched centre channel speaker. This can be placed right in front of the TV or the sub-woofer to optimise the audio-visual experience. The centre speaker is 280 x 95 x 92 mm. The sub-woofer is 196 x 392 x 342 mm and weighs 6.3 kg. The entire set looks really sleek and classy and will complement any interior.

Exemplary Audio Experience

The brand Philips comes with a certain reputation and this device is no different. The quality of sound emitted from this system sets a benchmark for other home theatres. Films usually have high resolution soundtracks. These soundtracks can be decoded very easily in their native format by this device. This decoder includes digital surround sound too. Thus, because of this feature, you can actually listen to the soundtrack of a film, just like the film maker had intended. This device features a high definition multimedia interface audio return channel. As a result of this inclusion, you can experience audio of very high quality directly from the source if the source is connected to the TV. The system provides a different treble and bass when different genres of music are playing. The treble and the bass get adjusted according to the kind of music you listen to, irrespective of whether your preferred genre is romantic ballads or death metal.

A Sound System That Will Rock Your World

Being a Philips product, this system enjoys certain advantages over the others in the category. This means that the device comes with the renowned and powerful Philips sound mechanism. If you love music, then what you really want to hear is what the director and the musician truly wanted to capture. The surround sound feature gives you the purest form of music and as a result of this, the stereo and Dolby effect can be enjoyed to the fullest. You can actually get lost in the world of music. So what are you waiting for? Shop online today and make this Philips home theatre your own now.


To get the best out of this device, you need to plug it into your desktop computer. This is exactly when the entire range of the 5.1 channels come to the full effect. When it is plugged into your TV, you will get to experience 2 speakers unless there is a 5.1 plug in slot. Amplify your TV viewing experience with this device today!

In the Box

In the box that this home theatre system comes in, you will find standard accessories like remote, batteries, a user manual, wires and warranty papers. These are in addition to the sub-woofer, the 4 satellite speakers and one main speaker. All these accessories are easy to handle and enable you to install the set without any hassle or stress.

About Philips

Philips is one of the leading brands of electronic devices. It is endorsed a number of youth icons like Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Founded in 1891, Philips has a global presence and is preferred by customers of all the countries alike. The USP of Philips audio equipment is that Philips' audio accessories provide exemplary sound quality.

Key Highlights

Brand: Philips

Sound System: Dolby Digital 5.1

Colour: Black

MP3 Bit Rates: 32 - 320 kbps

Compression Format: JPEG, JPEG HD

Compatible Accessories: STS1300 Floor stand

Product Details
Manufacturer Philips
Brand Philips
Model Number HTS5520
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year

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