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Philips Hq6970 3 Headed Shaver, Trimmer

Philips Hq6970 3 Headed Shaver, Trimmer

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Overview: Philips Hq6970 3 Headed Shaver, Trimmer

Look sharp and well-groomed every day with the Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver. This shaver from the house of Philips offers a shaving experience like no other. This particular shaver will not fail to give you a close and comfortable shave. You can groom yourself at the comfort of your home and do not have to visit the salon every other day. This particular shaver comes with unique features that will make you look your best for all those important occasions.


The Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver comes in a combination of black and blue colours. This shaver looks quite attractive and offers a smooth surface. The makers have designed the Philips Male Shaver ergonomically so that it offers a firm grip. Owing to its compact size, this device will fit easily in the palm of your hands. Its small size also means that it takes up less storage space. Moreover, you also carry it easily in your bag if you are planning to go outstation for a few days.

Super Lift & Cut Technology

The Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver has two blades. This dual blade system shaves your face efficiently by lifting the exterior rough hair and cutting the hair which is inconspicuous below skin level. This system makes sure that you do not bleed and have a clean face.

Reflex Action System

The blades are mobile and flexible. The makers of this trimmer have designed the blade to adjust to every curve of your face and neck. So, if you are worried about the patchy area on your jaw-line, the Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver will make sure that every corner of your face remains tidy, clean and attractive.

Pop-Up Trimmer

The Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver comes with a pop-up trimmer that helps in removing your moustache. The pop-up trimmer is also useful if you want to groom your sideburns. This unique feature helps you enhance your style statement make you look sharp. You no longer have to visit a barber and waste money on grooming your sideburns and moustache. With the help of the pop-up trimmer, you can do it at the comfort of your home.

Replacement Heads

The Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver includes blades that will remain effective for two long years. So unlike regular razors, you do not have to waste money buying new blades time and again. This shaver is extremely durable, and you will only have to replace the head of this shaver once every two years. It requires HQ55 blades.


The Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver comes with one chord that you can use to charge this shaver. It is also quite energy efficient. This shaver only consumes 100-240 volts of electric current. As a result, this shaver barely makes a difference to your electricity bill. This Philips shaver also comes with a cleaning brush and a protection cap. The cap keeps the shaver neat and tidy. Overall, the Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver is a wonderful product to own if you are looking to own a supreme quality shaver. This product is economical, and you can use it time and again to look sharp. Feel free to shop online for the Philips HQ6970 Male Shaver, and we will have it delivered to you at your doorstep.

Product Features


Super Lift and Cut technology

Pop-up Trimmer

Reflex Action System

Energy Efficient consuming only 100-240 volts

Replacement Heads

Features: Philips Hq6970 3 Headed Shaver, Trimmer

  • HQ6970

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  1.  Not a wonder,but not bad 20 January, 2015 On
    The designe and the look is impressive, comes to performance
    It don't disappoint you, buy if u are a dry shaver nothing helps u
    From the pain after shaving, the Battery backup is good, any way shaving is good but you schould pay for it as pain, as a men I recommend it.
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  2.  Philips HQ6970 8 May, 2014 On
    purchased looking at the advertisement. This product works great and very simple to use. Doesn't consume much time to shave ;)
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