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Philips RL191 Portable Radio

Philips RL191 Portable Radio

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Product Description

If you are a music freak and want to enjoy music in a special way, then check out this FM radio from Philips. This FM radio will take you back in time when most of the music lovers used to enjoy music by tuning into the radio. In recent times, when most of the users are quite used to listening to various radio programmes in the smartphones, then this Philips radio will give you that pure joy of listening to the favourite programmes without any disturbance. Along with this, the high quality design of this product ensures that the user will be able to listen to all the radio programmes for hours. The advanced design of this radio ensures that the  user can tune into his favourite radio station any time.

About the Brand

The makers of this FM radio is Philips. This brand has designed a wide range of electronic products for their users. The blend of technology and design makes their products perfect and easy to use on a regular basis. If you are looking for a high quality product to enjoy your favourite radio shows, then this FM radio is the ideal one for you.

About the Radio

This Philips FM radio has been designed from high quality material. Along with this, the designers have included special telescopic antenna in this FM radio. It helps the user to adjust the signal of the radio as per his preference. This inclusion of the antenna also ensures that the user will not compromise on the signal and the quality while listening to his favourite radio stations. The user can extend this antenna as per his requirement.

The designers have incorporated a volume and frequency adjusting knob in this FM radio. This smart feature facilitates the user to adjust the frequency of the radio easily. This radio come with the FM and MW radio tuner system. This radio features a frequency range of AM.520 - 1650 kHz. For FM radio, you will find the frequency range of FM.88 - 108 kHz. This feature indicates that the user can easily tune into any one of his favourite radio channel between the above mentioned frequency range.

To turn on and off the radio, the designers have added a special Power on/off knob. This feature enabels the user to switch on/off the power of the radio as per his preference. This FM radio from Philips features a compact size and design which facilitates the user to access sit easily and comfortably. Being light in weight, the user can easily carry this radio from one place to the other. This radio comes with a power output of 100 watt. This means, that it will not affect the electricity bills even if you listen to it for hours. The users need to use two R20 batteries to run this radio. The designers have incorporated a sturdy balck handle on the head of this radio. This feature helps the user to carry the radio comfortably while travelling. This radio features 3 V external DC socket. If you want to enjoy an interruption free music session then this radio from Philips is the right one for you.

Why buy this radio?

If you want to enjoy listening to the radio, without any interruptions, while travelling or staying at home, then this radio is the perfect one for you. Like the smartphones, you need not to answer calls frequently while listening to the radio. As this radio runs on batteries, the user need not to worry about connecting the device by using the power cord. The simple and wireless design of this radio makes it a special one to have for your day to day radio listening experience. Now do not miss out your favourite radio programme. All you need to do while listening to this radio, is to check out the battery status. If you are unable to listen to your radio programmes, simply change the batteries and enjoy the FM radio programmes at any time. To get this high quality radio at your doorstep, buy Philips FM radio online today from the comforts of your own home.

Special Features

This radio cvomes with FM, MW radio tuner

The designers have included special telescopic radio antenna with this radio

This radio coems with 100w of output power

This radio comes with a frequency range of AM.520 - 1650 kHz and FM.88 - 108 kHz

Product Features

  • Utilizes FM and AM to receive radio waves that are transmitted from radio stations
  • Functions within the 520 to 1650 kHz frequency range when it comes to AM and 88 to 108 kHz range with respect to FM
  • Equipped with 2 D-sized batteries, this radio gives an audio output of 100 mW
  • Batteries are not included
Product Details
Manufacturer Philips
Manufacturer Part Number PIS_RL191
Brand Philips
Model Number RL191
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1YEAR
In the box Radio

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