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Philips SA4RGA04BF/94 GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player (Blue)
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Philips SA4RGA04BF/94 GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player (Blue)

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Product Description

Computer multimedia speakers and MP3 players are the most essential components of today's time. You simply cannot ignore them. If you need one, which you obviously do, you would buy one. Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows OS and other functions, this Philips SA4RGA04BF/94 GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player is an excellent product you must consider. From the house of Philips, this MP3 Player is marked by its characteristic full sound function that enlivens MP3 format of music, thus bringing your life in track. It will surely complement your life, thus making it an essential part of your day to day routine. Smooth and soft finish of the latest Philips MP3 player makes it comfortable and easy to handle. It comes with full color display feature for an enjoyable and intuitive navigation. It also supports up to 22-hour full music playback. It also comes with FM radio as well as 20 presets for additional music options.

The Philips SA4RGA04BF/94 GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player (Blue) by Philips is intuitive and easy to operate. Philips songbird is one of the most popular programs, simple to use, discover, sync and play music. With this friendly MP3 player, you can now like music for your playlists of various songs that usually sound good together. It charges very fats for about 90 minute playback within 5 minutes of your time. Ease of using this MP3 players lies in the fact that you can easily view and organize all your media files just the way you do it on your computer or laptop. The surround sound technology by Philips, called the FullSound feature, faithfully restores all your sonic details to a compressed MP3 music format that dramatically enriches and enhances your experience of listening to CD music without any sort of distortion. The function of this technology is backed up by renowned expertise of audio post-processing algorithm and the latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) feature. As a result, you can now enjoy fuller bass with increased impact and depth, instrument clarity and boosted voice with rich detail. It's time to rediscover the compressed MP3 music format that will surely touch your heart and soul with its true-to-life sound. You can now Buy Philips SA4RGA04BF/94 GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player online for a great price.

Philips Songbird is one of the simple programs that make this MP3 player all the more interesting and engaging. In one simple step, this easy-to-use media program comes to life. With the GoGear player, this feature will allow you to discover as well as play your media files, sync it effortlessly with the Philips GoGear function and simply enjoy. Its powerful and intuitive music management features allow you to discover latest music styles and new artists directly in the chosen program through media and music stores, websites and services. You can now play a chosen library of your own or a media file picked up from the internet and get seamless syncing facility from your laptop or desktop to the Philips GoGear.

LikeMusic is yet again another beautiful feature of this Philips MP3 player that will give you a wonderful experience. You can now enjoy more music, especially the kind of music that you like, with one single click. You don't have to sort through an entire music library or consider waiting for serendipity to happen. A Philips patent algorithm, LikeMusic analyzes your songs in the library and identifies similar music features and characteristics. These identified features then help LikeMusic to create a smart playlist for you that comprises of songs which simply sound fantastic when played together.

Each and every feature of this one MP3 player has been selected to make sure you can have a refreshing and rejuvenating musical experience. Shop Philips SA4RGA04BF/94 GoGear RaGa 4GB MP3 Player online today!

Product Features

  • Fullsound to bring your mp3 music to life
  • Soft and smooth finish for easy comfort and handling
  • Full color display for intuitive and enjoyable navigation
  • Enjoy up to 15 hours music playback
  • FM radio with 30 presets for more music options
  • Philips Songbird: One simple program to discover, play, sync
  • LikeMusic for playlists of songs that sound great together
  • Quick 6 minutes charge for 60 minutes of play
  • Folder view to organize and view media files like on your PC
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 5 cm x 1.3 cm x 4.3 cm

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Overall Rating 3.4 out of 5 stars
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