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Phosphorus Black Loafers
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Phosphorus Black Loafers

Brand Phosphorus
Colour Black
Material Canvas, Synthetic
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Overview: Phosphorus Black Men's Shoes

Wear this pair of Black Loafers and flaunt your casual and dandyish look in front of all. Phosphorus offers this pair of loafers, so that you can wear it with any dress and on any occasion. Redefine your style and trend with this pair of Phosphorus Loafers that is made of the highest quality material. It will provide you with complete ease even during adverse weather conditions. This pair of slip-on canvas sneakers will speak volumes about your style quotient as you would certainly be the cynosure of all the eyes. The black colour of the shoe will produce a classy effect that will attract many a women's eyes!

Material and Design

The canvas material used to manufacture this pair of Phosphorus black shoes will render great service to you for years to come. This classy pair of Phosphorus loafers is royal black in colour. The inner part of this pair of men's loafers is coated with high quality material which takes the shape of the foot of the user. The graceful and refined design adds a new sense to the pair of casual loafers. The toe of the shoe has a round shape.

The loafers are made mainly concentrating on the comfort of this footwear. There is proper room for ventilation while you are wearing these loafers, so that you do not feel any discomfort during hot and humid weather conditions. These loafers have been made with the latest technology, so that the product provides you with utmost comfort every time you wear it. The interior of the loafers are made with soft material which make you feel very comfortable. Once you start using this product, you will simply fall in love with the loafers. The most fascinating aspect of this pair of loafers is the sole. The material of the sole is of high quality with proper grips and cuts, so that you do not slip. There will be minimum chances of wear and tear as the synthetic material has been stitched with perfection. It is black in colour and is made of hard and durable traction tread rubber. This sole allows the user to enjoy comfort while wearing. Being pasted to the body of the shoe with high quality adhesive, it would not come off under any adverse condition. The sole is shaped in an arched form with accurate bulges and depressions at the right places, so that it takes the shape of the human foot. The lower surface of the sole, which comes in direct contact with the ground surface, has grips which help the user while walking and provides the perfect level of friction with the ground surface. The perfect design of the sole and the grip gives the user the best experience of using footwear. The 'US' of Phosphorus us printed on various fronts of the shoe, thus verifying the authenticity of the brand.

Style Tip and Occasion

Put on a tee of any colour and you will then be ready to flaunt your casual and simple look in the most awesome way! Wear this pair of loafers with a pair of denims. Wear this pair of casual loafers and visit parties, discotheques, bridal ceremonies or any gathering. You can wear these loafers to office when there is a party or any kind of occasion in the office. These casual loafers can be your companion to informal occasion you want to attend.

Wash and Durability

If these loafers are maintained properly, it can last for years without any fading of colour or wear and tear. Do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time as it might fade the colour away in the long run. The dirt that gets accumulated on the surface should be cleaned with a dry cloth. The stains on these black shoes should not be a cause to worry as normal hand wash can clean it without any extra effort. If these loafers are drenched, make sure that it does not remain wet for a long time or else you might have to face unwanted problems. To prevent stains and other marks from appearing, you can carry out easy, regular upkeep of your canvas shoes using a foam cleanser. You can also use soapy water and a clean sponge on your shoes, then rinse them with a damp cloth to remove light stains.

Gift this pair of loafers to your dear ones and enjoy seeing their happy faces. Buy Phosphorus loafers online and get it delivered at your doorstep in no time. Shop Phosphorus black shoes online and have a wonderful experience. Wear these loafers and feel the difference you have been missing all this while.

Product Details
Brand Phosphorus
Colour Black
Target Audience Men
Material Canvas, Synthetic

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