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Photron Clean Pro 5 In 1 Cleaning Kit

Photron Clean Pro 5 In 1 Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

Multipurpose Kit for Digital Cameras and Camcorders

The Photron Clean Pro 5 in 1 cleaning kit is a collection of everything you will need to take care of your precious cameras and camcorders. Often, marks and dust on the lens or the sensor can cause the kind of damage that is expensive to fix. So, instead, you can use this multipurpose cleaning kit for digital cameras to clean dust, dirt and fingerprints from the lens, monitor and other important areas on your device, before they can cause any real harm. You can also use this cleaning kit to keep laptops, tablets and other similar gadgets clean.

Includes all the Camera Cleaning Essentials

This 5 in 1 cleaning kit from Photron includes a special lens cleaning microfibre cloth, a broad dust removal brush, a lens cleaning liquid, one powerful dust blower and cotton swabs. Apply the lens cleaning liquid onto the cloth and wipe down the glass on your lenses. Avoid applying the liquid directly onto the lens or the LCD screen. Use the dust blower to clear out dust particles from all the grooves on your camera and lens. The dusting brush in this 5 in 1 cleaning kit for camcorders also helps you clean the less sensitive exteriors of your device.

Product Features

Brand: Photron

Type: 5-in-1 Digital camera and camcorder cleaning kit

Includes: 1 microfibre cloth, 1 dust removal brush, lens cleaning liquid, 1 dust blower and cotton swabs

Can be used to clean laptops, tablets and other gadgets as well

Product Features

  • Multipurpose cleaning kit for digital cameras & camcorders
  • Comes with 5 essential cleaning items for camera & camcorders
  • Cleans dirt, dust and fingerprints from lens & Lcd monitor
  • Can be stored conveniently in any carry case
  • Included components: Lens Cleaning micro-fibre cloth, dust removal claning brush, lens cleaning liquid, powerful dust blower and cotton swabs
Product Details
Manufacturer Photron
Brand Photron
Model Number Photron_5.1_clean_kit
Item Package Quantity 1

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