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Physical Geography

Physical Geography

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Publisher Prayag
Contents : Nature of Physical Geography Lithosphere (Geomorphology) Origin of the Earth Age of the Earth Structure of the Earth's Interior Continents and Ocean Basins Theory of Isostasy Earth's Movements Rocks Vulcanicty and Volcanoes Earthquakes Mountain Building Plateau Plains Lakes Weathering and Mass Movements Cycle of Erosion, Rejuvenation and Polycyclic Relief Drainage System and Patterns Running Water (River) and Fluvial Landforms Groundwater and Karst Topography Sea Waves and Coastal Landforms Wind and Aeolian Landforms Glaciers and Glaciated Topography Periglaical Processes and Landforms HYDROSPHERE (OCEANOGRAPHY) Reliefs of Ocean Basins Temperature of the Ocean Water Salinity Ocean Deposits Ocean Tides Ocean Currents Coral Reefs and Atolls Marine Resources ATMOPHERE (CLIMATOLOGY) Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere Insolation and Heat Budget Temperature Air Pressure and Atmospheric Circulation Humidity and Precipitation Air Masses Frontogenesis, Cyclones and Anticyclo ... See more
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