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Physique PL1080 Multi Bench
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Physique PL1080 Multi Bench

Model Number PL1080
Colour Multi-Colour
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Overview: Physique Pl1080 Multi Bench

Physique PL1080 Multi Bench

Product Description

Being a fitness freak you always want to spend at least an hour a day at the gym, but time being the greatest factor to limit your gym visits, here is a product the Physique PL1080 Multi Bench that meets your health needs and makes you save lots of time. It has a roller and incliner as well, for maximum back support and proper sitting angle. You get the best workout bench with it. As it has padded rollers, it offers you utmost comfort while you exercise on it and the adjustable incline makes it convenient for people of all heights to adjust it accordingly during their workout. You can do possibly anything over it to stay fit and in good shape.

There are numerous workouts like the inclines, flat bench presses and military presses to offer you a strengthened core. Leg extensions, bicep curls, leg curls along with free weight exercises and different kinds of dumbbells can also be done using this fitness bench with great ease. This magic bench comes with a wide and stable base for workout, which is made up of the best quality material is an adorable piece for the health freaks. The comfortable padding at the rollers enhances its performance as it adequately cushions the body, preventing accidental injuries while exercising. Assembling and installation of the product is required and is not done by the seller. Customer has to ask for an expert for installing the workout bench at his / her place.

It comes with a six months manufacturer's warranty, which is valid from the date of purchase. The in sales box contains user manual, equipment as well as tools to install and assemble the machine at your home. If you are a self taught person then you can do it yourself, or in case of doubt can sought professional help for the same. This comes in multicolour and you can choose the color according to your own preferences. It completely supports your body, while you work out and makes you use every muscle of the body when you are working out. No need to buy multiple appliances for doing different exercise, rather getting a single machine like this would serve the purpose at once.

Features of the Physique PL1080 Multi Bench

The best features of this brilliant workout mate are as follows; this is an all in one complete workout bench that combines beauty with high performance. Hence getting the beautifully body with strengthened core is no more a dream for you. Enhanced comfort levels due to the padded rollers. The incline and seat that can be adjusted as per the need of the user for flexibility and better performance. The headrest is white in color, whereas the portion supporting the body is of black color. The handles and leg supports are off-white and knee and foot rest are also of black color. If you are unsure about how to use it at home, then ask a gym instructor to demonstrate them otherwise browse the internet to target your problem areas and hit it till you reach your fat loss and weight loss regime's goal.

About the Brand

Physique is none as one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers. It has varied ranges of products available in the market which are bought by gyms and healthcare centres that allows people to get trained in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Being a product from the brand is itself a warranty for the purchasers, still the company insists on a six months warranty that is applicable from the date of purchase.

This product is available online only at, browse the site and grab the hottest deals today. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions before bagging this product for good. Offers valid till stocks last! Happy Shopping!

Features: Physique Pl1080 Multi Bench

  • The PL1080 Multi Bench from Physique is a complete workout bench.
  • Padded rollers for maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable incline and seat.
  • Warranty - 6 months.
  • Note: Physique / Home Fitness Direct does not offer on site installation or service for this item. Owners manual and tools are supplied along with the equipment, which can be used to instal the machine.
Product Details
Manufacturer Physique
Brand Physique
Model Number PL1080
Colour Multi-Colour

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