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Pickwick's Plan: Volume 1 (Tales of the Booga Dooga Land)

Pickwick's Plan: Volume 1 (Tales of the Booga Dooga Land)

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Language English
Contributor(s) Deepak Menon, Julie Sneeden
Binding Paperback
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Paperback, Import, December 11, 2012

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Overview: Pickwick's Plan: Volume 1

A Readers Favourite Finalist in the 2013 International Book Awards Contest among the top 6 Books in the Category Children's Fables, "Pickwick's Plan" this was the first story told by the author to his little children many years ago. The book is about a Little Pixie, who lives in a little cottage in Pixie Town in the Great Booga Dooga Land near the Great Booga Dooga Forest and Lake. In this story Pickwick embarks on a great adventure to rescue his friend Goodful from the "Flower Castle" which is underwater on the bed of the Booga Dooga.

The book is beautifully illustrated in color by Julie Sneeden. The book has many little lessons of kindness, courage and goodness embedded in the little events written in the story, since it was intended to promote integrity and graciousness in both children and adults alike. There are some authors who write for children like Ruskin bond and Deepak Menon also.

The author Deepak Menon from India writes:-"This book started out as a Bedtime story told by me to my little children around the year 1992-93 and remained in limbo until finally, I decided to retire very early from my profession as a senior bank officer to get these "Family Read Together" books published. It is my belief that the books will be loved for generations by young and old alike!

Pickwick's Plan begins with a Little Pixie Town on the edge of the enchanted Great Booga Dooga Forest near the Great Booga Dooga Lake in the enchanted Booga Dooga Land and revolve around the life and adventures of one of the smallest Pixies, Pickwick. The story was told chapter by chapter to my little children and evolved in its telling - there was the magic of playing with the words of the English language, and the emergence of different beings who have made the book a unique "Family Read Together" experience. Every line is original and every episode opens out new vistas. Two more books of the Tales of the Booga Dooga Land, 'The Wormus', and 'The Horus' have been published and will be followed by many other books in the series, with each being an independent book in itself."

After reading this, you will imaginatively going deep and deep with the story and found yourself within the story, which somewhat take you to the most amazing and cherish moment of your childhood.

About the Author- Deepak Menon, a banker with a difference, left his job as a senior officer in a commercial bank in India, in Sept 2011 to write stories to delight and gladden the hearts of adults and children alike.

Julie sneeden is a successful and respected artist and illustrator and has artworks all over the world. She has also worked as a Giftwrap Designer, Graphic Artist and Web Artist. She studied Fine Art for 4 years, where she majored in photography and painting.

The ISBN Code of the book is 1475025041.

Features: Pickwick's Plan: Volume 1

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date December 11, 2012
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Contributor(s) Deepak Menon, Julie Sneeden
Binding Paperback
Edition 1st Full Color Edition
Book Volume Volume 1
Page Count 88
ISBN 10 1475025041
ISBN 13 9781475025040
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 114 grams
Product Dimensions 14 cm x 0.5 cm x 21.6 cm
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  1.  Amazon Customer Review by Carol M Hyland 23 May, 2013 On
    5.0 out of 5 stars Tales of the Booga Dooga Land - Pickwick's Plan, February 28, 2013
    By Carol M. Hyland (Vancouver, B.C. Canada) - See all my reviews
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: Tales of the Booga Dooga Land - Pickwick's Plan Special Low Price Edition (Volume 1) (Paperback)
    This book tells the adventures of a little Pixkie called Pickwick who lived alone near a lake in a land called Booga -Dooga. A magical place full of endless magical characters where ideas come flying through the air,sent on the wind by a naughty little creature called" IdeaRoolus Blick." Pickwick's adventures begins with a bad idea sent to him by this naughty fellow, and that was to row to the middle of the lake in his tiny little boat with ice creams sticks for oars, which would not have been a bad idea at all if it hadn't been raining. In a downpour of rain, the tiny boat quickly filled with water and sank. Pickwick who couldn't swim was smart enough to catch his breath by its legs and was able to prevent himself from drowning. The balance of the story is delightful. The underwater creatures of the lake take on their own personalities and through them many valuable lesson are taught. We learn the value of a smile, the importance of good friends,and how a fearful foe can be won over by a smile. We also learn the very important lesson of having a Plan if you want to succeed in life. Pickwick himself had a Plan, a Plan to do good. He made his Plan from "the wood of the Wooler Plant, and it had little wheels made from the shells of the Wooler Nuts" With this Plan, Pickwick was able to take on the task of attempting to free Goodful who had been locked up in his Flower Castle by his evil brother Wilful the wicked flower fish.. It gets very very exciting. Would he succeed? ... You are going to have to read the book to find out.

    This is a book written for children but will be enjoyed by adults as well. The book is beautifully illustrated which brings the story to life and is bound to captures the imagination of all who read it and bring them joy. The story continues in the sequel, "The Wormus."
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