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Pigeon 07855 Children Toothpaste

Pigeon 07855 Children Toothpaste

Lowest online price: 172
Brand Pigeon
Colour Red
Maximum Age 3 years
Minimum Age 6 months
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Overview: Pigeon 07855 Children Toothpaste

Pigeon Children Toothpaste ensures dental protection and oral hygiene for children. Maintaining dental and oral hygiene is essential from early childhood. Mothers should start cleaning the teeth of their babies as soon as they begin teething. Healthy teeth is essential for proper growth and development of children. Moreover, it allow babies to enjoy their food and assists in proper digestion. Choosing the right toothpaste is necessary for children and adult products should be avoided as it may harm the teeth of babies. Pigeon is a company, which is known for manufacturing kids products and also assists mothers in managing their children. Teething begins when a baby is about six months old and the entire set of teeth comes up when a child is around two and a half years old. The ingredients of this toothpaste are safe for children and effective for proper cleaning of teeth.

Strawberry flavouring agent is safe even when it is swallowed by children

The flavouring agent used in this toothpaste is considered to be completely safe for children. It does not cause harm even if your child swallows it.

Helps in preventing decay of teeth and promotes healthy gum

Brushing teeth with this toothpaste promotes healthy gum and prevents decay of teeth due to consumption of sugar. Children usually have more sweet, which exposes their teeth to cavities and other dental problems. Using Pigeon Children Toothpaste controls the dental problems that normally affects kids.

Contains less foaming agent that makes brushing comfortable

This toothpaste from Pigeon contains little foaming agent that helps children feel comfortable while brushing their teeth. For buying baby products online, you can check and compare the prices from the retailer sites that are listed on Junglee.

toothpaste is good for cleaning children's teeth

Pigeon Strawberry Toothpaste pertains to proper safety standards and good for cleaning children's teeth.

Helps in proper growth of children and enhances proper digestion

Using this toothpaste promotes growth and development of children as it keeps their teeth healthy and makes eating a delightful experience, which leads to proper digestion.

Features: Pigeon 07855 Children Toothpaste

  • This toothpaste is an excellent cleaning paste for children's teeth
  • It helps prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gum
  • It contains limited foaming agent
  • Strawberry flavour is harmless even if swallowed
Product Details
Manufacturer Pigeon
Brand Pigeon
Model Number 07855
Colour Name Strawberry
Colour Red
Maximum Age 3 years
Minimum Age 6 months
Target Audience Unisex-baby
Item Package Quantity 1

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