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Pigeon Cook N Serve Kitchen Tool Set, 4-Pieces
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Pigeon Cook N Serve Kitchen Tool Set, 4-Pieces

Brand Pigeon
Model Number /NA
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Overview: Pigeon Cook N Serve Kitchen Tool Set, 4-Pieces

Tired of your steel spatulas heating up while cooking? Looking to buy new handles that are heat resistant and are easy to use? Then look no more! The Pigeon Kitchen Tool Set is the perfect set of different handles that one uses while cooking! Let us have a closer look at this brilliantly designed set!


The Pigeon Kitchen Tool Set comes in the trendy black colour thus, matching with all the other kitchen appliances in your kitchen. The set consists of a skimmer, soup ladle. Slotted turner, and serving spoon. Skimmer is a kitchen that is utilized to remove food ingredients, unwanted fluid, particles, fat, and other items from the bottom of the dish being prepared. You can use a skimmer while frying an item. You could use this spoon as a sieve. A soup ladle is a specially designed spoon mostly used to serve liquid foods like soups, gravies, punches, etc. A soup ladle stands apart from any other normal spoons because of its long handle and a deep bowl which allows you to take out a large amount of liquid. The long handle of the spoon allows you to serve from deep serving dishes and pots without getting your hand dirty. A slotted turner is spoon with slots or holes and is used during food preparation. This slotted turner could be used while making pancakes, paranthas, or while frying an omelette. This slotted turner helps you turn the food with ease. Serving spoon is a type of cutlery that will help you serve food and portioning vegetables, fruits, and salad. This spoon helps you pick up and serve the spoon with ease. The dimensions of the products are 52.6 cm x 38.5 cm x 22.6 cm, making the products extremely lightweight and easy for you to handle! The Pigeon Kitchen Tool Set is made up of heat resistant nylon. Nylon is a part of the synthetic family and is heat resistant. Therefore, you will not have a problem while using the spoons while serving a hot dish or while cooking it. Show off this beautifully designed set of spoons to your friends and family. The spoons are extremely hardy, tough and stiff therefore, they will not break easily. Order this excellent set of spoons for your kitchen! You will not be disappointed for sure. You could also order them online for a loved one and they will find it at their doorstep in a few days! 


Cutlery is an important asset to your kitchen appliance and you must maintain them, for it to last for a life time. You must hand wash them with lukewarm water and soap, to maintain its shine forever. After washing them, make sure you dry them with a soft clean cloth. You should be careful while storing them and make sure you keep them in safe place. Try not to keep them near the gas or else oil residues may stay on the spoons. As you can see this set of spoon barely needs high maintenance; yet it so convenient! Get this set of spoons now and it shall make the process of cooking and serving food easier.

Key Highlights:


Soup Ladle

Slotted Turner

Serving Spoon

Heat resistant

Ergonomic Handles

Special Features

The Pigeon Cook N Serve Kitchen Tool Set's handles are ergonomic handles.  Ergonomic basically means designing for people, wherever they interact with products.  The emphasis within ergonomics is to ensure that designs complement your strength and ability and minimize the effects of your limitations, rather than forcing you to adapt to the tools need. Thus, the tool set's handle adapt to your needs. Shop for this product online now!

The Brand:

Pigeon Corporation is company based in India established in 2001.  Pigeon is owned by Stovekraft Company that started in 1999.  Pigeon tends to sell value for money kitchen products.  The Pigeon brands portfolio ranges from  Pressure Cookers,  Non-Stick Cookware, Induction Cookware, Mixer Grinders, LPG Gas stoves, Glass Top Gas Stoves, Emergency Lights, Electric Rice Cookers, Kitchenware, etc., to name a few. 

So what are you waiting for? Buy this product online right now and find it at your doorstep in a few days! This product is extremely sturdy and will last you for a long time!

Features: Pigeon Cook N Serve Kitchen Tool Set, 4-Pieces

  • Made with nylon heat resistant material and not with plastic
  • Design offer ease of working with flames
  • The tool set has a set of 4 very useful tools for day to day kitchen work.
  • Very ergonomic designed handles - makes it a pleasurable experience for you to cook for your loved ones.
  • Wide surface area for slotted tuner and the skimmer - helps you to turn and take out the cooked goods properly, without worrying of dropping them.
  • Soup Ladle and serving spoon included to help you serve gravies and dried article with ease.
Product Details
Manufacturer Stovekraft Pvt Ltd
Brand Pigeon
Model Number /NA
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 38.7 cm x 12.2 cm x 2.7 cm

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