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Pioneer CDJ 900 CD Player

Pioneer CDJ 900 CD Player

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Product Description

Music always acts as a stress buster for most of the people. With the advent of music features being installed in smart phones only, the trend took a shift from CD players to smart phone music applications. But, the experience with CD layers is still unmatched and they provide for speaker facility which has low compatibility with smart phones. Another great advantage of having CD player is on can run DVD and CD for movies to watch it over LCD screens and televisions which makes it a must buy for every consumer.

The Pioneer CDJ 900 CD player is the latest addition by Pioneer DJ company to it topping CDJ -2000 CD player range and caters to all categories of consumer. The shared features offered by the product are that it can play the music from various music sources such as CD, USB drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and portable devices. The product has been made from superior quality raw material and comes with a mind boggling installation system that has been designed to bring revolution to the music world through the database management software for DJs by the name Rekordbox TM. The database system software, Rekordbox is a custom made software that stands on the grounds of prepare and perform concept and works well in sync with Mac and PC software like all the leading music database management softwares but what makes is a king in the music device industry is the creative element imbedded in the product and the user friendly interface with step by step tutorial to use the same. The software Rekordbox provides for the DJs to get prepared prior hand for their performance and paves way for the installment of tools such as quantize to get perfectly synced with the system loops as and when required. The data can be stored with the device and the DJ can access data as and when required. One can easily connect a USB rive along the system, retrieve data and access libraries of music files and play it aloud among the audience during a live performance without any need for extra equipment. The system clears out the need for rewiring inconvenience that use to occupy major concern areas for DJ while live performances, One can also rule out the need to burn CD's and can simply connect USB drive in the CJ and play on. Through this system music files and similar database on a single USB device can be made available for sharing up to four players simultaneously through LAN cable. Another great benefit offered by this product is that the data history is automatically saved and can be included in the playlist and the Rekcordbox. The cherry on the top is added through installation of advanced HID (human interface device and MIDI features for control of DVS through USB portal. The product is provided with an advanced audio output circuit, a built-in 24-bit/8 KHz sound card and a high end Wolfsan DAC processor. The product comes in the dimension range of 38.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 11.6cm.

Features offered by Pioneer CDJ 900 CD player are :< /p>

1. Digital Media playback through USB.

2. WAV, AAC, AIFF and MP3 files can be played on CD.

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Product Features

  • Specifications Main Features CDJ-900 Plays • CD (including CD-R / -RW) • Digital media playback via USB • WAV,AIFF,MP3, AAC files on CD
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 38.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 11.6 cm

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