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Pioneer MVH-X179UI

Pioneer MVH-X179UI

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Product Description

Music is a part of the lives of many. It is said to be a way refreshing your mood. There are various types of music that you come across every day and many songs that suit every situation in your life. We have songs that we listen to when we are happy and then there are songs that we listen to when we are sad as well. Thus, there is music for every occasion on our life. Driving the car is one such time when most of us enjoy listening to music. When there is a long way to go, you switch on your favourite music and even before you realise the distance, you find yourself at the destination. However, the quality of the sound also plays an important part and that is where this Pioneer MVH-X179UI car stereo will be a blessing for you. When it is about listening to music in a car, Pioneer car stereos have been very reputed and trusted and this model will not let you down. So,buy Pioneer MVH-X179UI car stereo onlineand have it delivered to you within a few days.

ThePioneer car stereo

ThePioneer car stereohas a trendy and sleek design with sophisticated knobs and buttons that add to its charisma. The body is black in colour and the buttons are highlighted in red. This gives the set a very attractive and contrasting effect. It has an LCD that displays the information of the current song that is being played. It also has certain features like the clock and the illumination timer which come in handy while you navigate the list in your car. There are buttons for all the major functions like play, pause, forward, backward and stop, which can be located clearly on the stereo set. ThePioneercar stereo also has a compact and handy remote control that allows you to control the stereo without touching it. Therefore, you should have no problem in changing the tracks while you are behind the wheels.

How to use the product

This Pioneer car stereo has some very unique features that you will not find in most of the other car stereos in its class. It is compatible with your iPod and iPhone, and you can simply synchronise your device with it and play your favourite songs right from your device. This car stereo also supports MTP and a wide range of Android phones, which allows you to browse through the folders in your phone and play your desired songs from there. Apart from these features, it is also compatible with USB and auxiliary input that allows you to play your songs through a USB pen drive, or from your phone via the auxiliary cable. This Pioneer car stereo has ASR sound technology, which gives to you the best quality sound that you can expect to hear inside your car. Lastly, it supports FM radio, so when you are tired of listening to the music on your devices, or when you want the news or other updates, you can simply tune in to the radio and listen to it while driving your car.

Maintenance and Care

The body of the Pioneercar stereois made of superior quality plastic and therefore you do not have to worry about any physical damage. However, it is advisable that you clean it with a dry cloth once in a while in order to avoid the accumulation of dust as this may affect the circuit board. It is also advisable to check the battery from time to time in order to ensure that the old battery does not leak within the remote and damage it. Lastly, ensure that you do not play your music at a very high volume, because it may affect your driving. The Pioneer car stereo is one of the best car stereos in its class. This is one product that you should not miss out on. So what are you waiting for?Shop onlineforPioneer car stereonow and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Key Highlights

Fully compatible with iPhones and iPods

Supports MTP

Compact and handy remote control

ASR sound technology

Trendy and sleek design

Black, red and silver colour combination

Product Features

  • MVH-x179ui is made for iphone and ipod and also supports media transfer protocol (mtp) with most android based smart phones. In other words, you can now browse through the folders for our favourite song in your android smart phone from your car cd player. You can even listen to an application on an iphone using the app mode and control the application (in some cases) visit an authorized dealer and check the compatibility of your phone/application before purchasing the product
  • Todoroki eq: A dozen odd indian languages, multiple genre, countless songs, hours of consumer interviews all summed up to the birth of todoroki eq, for the first time, pioneer engineers in japan and india have developed an equalisation curve for indian music. A product of in-depth analysis for indian music, todoroki eq address the challenge of finding the right equalization settings and curves. May it be the depth in the vocals of your favorite ghazal, the sharpness in the soul of bhajan or the beats of bollywood, todoroki eq suits them all. We have even made this as the default equalization for your system
  • Mixtrax is a product of our experience as the world's leading brand in dj equipments. Mixtrax, like a real dj, will identify songs of similar beats per minutes (bpm) from your storage device (sd card or USB) and mix them for a continuous musical experience. Pioneer car cd players feature mixtrax ez with different special effects while mixing tracks, you can even choose the playback time between each mix depending upon your mood. With mixtrax ez enabled music system in your car, you can enjoy a club like atmosphere while you are on the move
  • Our asr sound technology automatically restores the harmonics which were lost during the audio compression process. Asr adjusts frequency response and sound pressure, especially in the high and low frequency ranges, to revitalise the density and presence of the compressed signal. the result is an improved sound quality with its staging, density and feeling restored to the level of the original recording. This is a must have feature for those who enjoy music downloaded over internet through formats like mp3
Product Details
Manufacturer Pioneer
Brand Pioneer
Model Number MVH-X179UI
Item Package Quantity 1

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