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Pioneer 5.1 AV Receivers 125w per Channel VSX-523-K

Pioneer 5.1 AV Receivers 125w per Channel VSX-523-K

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Product Description

The advancement of technology has expanded the scope for entertainment too. There are various audio and video devices available in the market. The compatibility between various devices has increased as well. So, you just need a good interfacing, or connecting, device in order to utilise your home entertainment equipment as per your preference. An AV receiver is an essential device for you if you want unhindered interactivity between your entertainment devices. Are you looking for an AV receiver? If your answer to the above question is 'yes', you should make sure that you get one from a renowned manufacturer such as Pioneer. Thankfully for you, you can buy Pioneer VSX-523-K 5.1 AV receiver online via your PC or smartphone. Once you have placed the order for the product, you can rest assured that it will be delivered to your home without any hassle soon.

Features and Functions of the Pioneer AV Receiver

The Pioneer AV receiver is a device that is used in home theatres. The audio/video (AV) receiver is responsible for receiving audio and video signals from various sources and processing them to drive speakers and displays. The most common output units are video projectors, monitors and televisions while the most common sources of audio and video signals are video game consoles, video cassette recorders (VCR), Blu-Ray disc players, DVD players, radio, satellite receiver and television. The Pioneer AV receiver comes with a remote control to enable you set the volume, signals and other settings conveniently without changing your position. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod too. So, you can play digital content from your handheld devices too. In addition to that, the compatibility with 3D and ultra HD technologies just extend the utility of the device for you. Now, enjoying good quality digital entertainment content via any device will not be an issue for you.

The Pioneer AV receiver has a compact design. The company has taken adequate care of the size and weight of the device. The result is an AV receiver that is easy to handle and carry from one place to another. The entire device is black in colour. The front panel of the Pioneer AV has 2 regulator knobs, the power button and 3 ports. The display panel at the front side enables you to keep track of the settings as you change it. All the other ports are the rear side of the Pioneer AV receiver.

Speciality and Benefits of the Pioneer AV Receiver

The Pioneer 125w per channel AV receiver can receive audio signals and amplify it before allowing the pass-through of the corresponding video signals to your display panel. This device has an extensive utility for you if you are an enthusiast of home entertainment and have the right equipment. The Pioneer AV receiver will enable you to get the most out of your home entertainment equipment. So, shop online for the Pioneer AV receiver at the earliest to entertain yourself and your loved ones as you and they deserve.

Maintenance and Care Tips for the Pioneer AV Receiver

The Pioneer AV receiver is a highly technical appliance that needs to be protected from falling or getting smashed by anything hard and/or sharp. Accidental spill of water, tea, coffee, juice and oil is a common cause that spoils electronic and electrical appliances in homes. So, you should be careful about that too. In addition to these general maintenance facts, you should read the user manual that is supplied along with the Pioneer AV receiver in order to get well versed with the technical aspects of the device. From using the device to troubleshooting its technical issues and cleaning it, illustrative instruction pertaining to everything can be found on the manual.

About Pioneer

Pioneer is officially known as Pioneer Corporation. It is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics manufacturer based in Kanagawa. It was founded in Tokyo, in 1938. It specialises in the development of equipment in the digital entertainment domain. Automotive navigation systems, car audio systems, televisions, PC DVD drives and DJ equipment are some of the product ranges that Pioneer designs and develops. The company has a worldwide customer base and employs 22,193 people in total.

Key Highlights

Ultra HD (4K) pass-through


iPhone and iPod compatible

DSD playback


Product Details
Manufacturer Pioneer
Manufacturer Part Number VSX 523K
Brand Pioneer
Model Number VSX-523-K
Item Package Quantity 1

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