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Planes (3D)

Planes (3D)

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Language English
Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region Free
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Product Description

Disney's planes is a story of the courage to see your dreams come true. Dusty is a crop duster plane who wants to fly high and become a racer. Dusty has a big heart but two big problems: He has a fear of heights, plus he isn't designed for speed. Determined to realize his dreams, Dusty gets his training from Skipper, an old fighter plane, and enters into Wings Across the World, a mega air race. In the event, Dusty encounters cut-throat competitors, but they soon learn that this underdog is special. With a little help from his friends, Dusty finds his courage and exceeds his limits, gaining the courage to soar. Against surprising obstacles, the winner of this air race is anyone's guess.

Watch as the world of Cars takes to the skies. Dane Cook, Cedric the Entertainer, John Cleese, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Priyanka Chopra and others lead an all-star voice cast and bring life to the astounding animation. If you enjoyed Cars, Disney's Planes takes things much, much higher.

About the disc

The award winning animation of Disney's Planes is captured in true high-definition on this disc. 3D support and 7.1 audio ensures complete immersion in the world of Planes. Region free disc with support for all Blu-Ray Players and Optical Drives.

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date November 25, 2013
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2013
Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region Free
Genre Anime
Censor Rating U (Universal)
Director(s) Klay Hall
No of Discs 1
Runtime 92 minutes
Studio Sony DADC

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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     wonderful tale of never giving up on your dreams 21 December, 2013 On
    Disney takes the Pixar Formula that made Cars and Cars 2. Instead they make it about the planes that inhabit the Cars world. the Story is actually Very simple. Dusty Crophopper is a Crop duster. but he dreams of being a big time racer. His friends tell him he wasn't made to be a racer stick to dusting crops. But he has two friends that believe in him. And when they actually get him ready to qualify for the big race and He to everyone's amazement Does Qualify. Dusty becomes much more then just a dust cropper. He seeks the advice of a old World War II corsair named Skipper who pushes Dusty thru his paces and makes Dusty perfect because of Skipper's intense training. When the race begins Dusty is met with scorn and isn't given much of a chance. The Current Champion ripslinger hates him because Dusty represents all of the planes that have no business racing. but slowly Dusty Makes friends and impresses everyone with his heart and courage.

    And not once does he ever give up on his dreams. There is a wonderful story here. But a Better lesson for kids who want to be something and are told no they can't because of whatever reasons.
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