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Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN

Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN

Brand Platinum Studio
Colour Red
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Overview: Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN

Winter is about to set in and it's therefore time to attend the coolest parties of the year. So you must be looking forward to dress up in the most stylish manner that would make an impression among others. Well, nothing can be better than blazers that can make you look smart and handsome. The Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN is the most ideal accessory to complement the fashionable side of you this season.

Product Description

Velvets are making a comeback this winter. The Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN ensures that you are ahead of the fad curve. The fabric family of this blazer is velvet and is finely polished to give that perfect shine, all the while ensuring that the finish is not glossy. The smooth soft texture adds that subtle yet royal feel to the blazer. The double layered stitches are neatly tucked away and hidden from plain eyesight. This ensures that the look of the blazer is completely seamless. In order to prevent any accidental wear and tear on the stitches, all the joints are sandwiched between inner outer velvet and the inner satin layer.

The Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN not only looks fabulous but is a utility par excellent garment as well. First off, the entire inner layering of the jacket is made of high quality satin spread. This not only helps keep you snug, but also prevents that itchy and irritation often caused by direct contact of wool and skin. The buttons have been specially designed to make the blazer adjustable to a quarter inch expansion along the entire button line. This guarantees the perfect custom fit experience.

Product Features

It would be an understatement to say that The Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN is a trendsetter by itself. The couple side-pockets have been given the contemporary square-box external flap design, making sure that the blazer stands out among the crowd. The blazer combines the contemporary look with the short 'Nehru' collar, the most 'in thing' in collar patterns currently. The 'uniform style' shoulder flaps give the blazer that extra edge when it comes to chic style. The chest pocket has been cleanly integrated into the entire pattern scheme of the blazer, mostly camouflaging it. Due to this, a pocket square, when worn, gives the entire attire a mysteriously sharp look.

The overall look of the Platinum Studio Maroon Men Blazer BZ 717 MN has been designed on an intelligent fusion of contemporary and modern fashion trends. This truly redefines the scope of versatility of a single garment. A perfect Friday dressing attire, it couples up as your coolest accessory for the after office parties. The blazer will ensure you are snug and comfortable throughout those late evening roof-top bar-b-cue parties and even makes your closest compatriots jealous during the chilly winter morning brunches. So, go ahead and try out this amazing new extension to your personality, and prepare yourself to be envied by one and all, and make that first impression on someone special.

Product Details
Brand Platinum Studio
Colour Red
Colour Name Maroon

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