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SONY PlayStation 3 PS3 500GB 500 GB Super Slim New Console + 2 Free Games Sealed

SONY PlayStation 3 PS3 500GB 500 GB Super Slim New Console + 2 Free Games Sealed

Platform Playstation 3
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Overview: SONY PlayStation 3 PS3 500GB 500 GB Super Slim New

The gaming industry has been revolutionised by the introduction of PS3 seven years ago, but it has still become an integral part of games for all ages. Sony has come up with latest PlayStation3 'Super Slim Console' that is considered the smallest size ever introduced in the gaming industry. Depending on the space you have, this sleek and slim console will accommodate any and every household. Now you can have lot of fun and enjoy driving, kicking, punching or solving mysteries or puzzles and also experience on your HD Home theatre with latest PS3 Slim Console. Now you can experience super gaming fun from this new redesigned, smaller and lighter PlayStation 3 that comes in a brand new case.

About the Product

SONY PlayStation3 500GB Super Slim New Console with additional 2 free games, is just what you need if you are a hardcore gamer. Now you can enjoy high definition gaming and movie playback with a powerful gaming machine, 'SONY PlayStation3 500 GB Super Slim New Console' with additional 2 free games. The internal redesigning of PS3 has been done by removing the disc-fed tray for a sliding top-loading disk cover. This has facilitated the shrink by up to 25% as compared to the current Slim PS3, although the real change is in terms of storage. It has turned into a thin package but, it is maintaining the same features such as good assortment of services that includes Vudu, Netflix, Amazon, and NFL Sunday Ticket. Its full Blu-Ray and 3D playback for your games and movies has made the console a masterpiece in the gaming industry, thus eliminating the need for another disc player. It has a built-in storage of 500GB and can run at 5400 RPM and it comes with an appealing 8MP store memory. PS3 also has motion-sensitive Dual shock 3 wireless controllers that syncs with Wireless controller Bluetooth thus enabling you to control the game. The console dimensions are approx. 290 × 60 × 230 mm (width × height × length) and it weighs approx. 2.1kg. it also has 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM memory and BD × 2 (BD-ROM) DVD × 8 (DVD-ROM) CD × 24 (CD-ROM) Read only Driver. Gaming lovers can now download lot of games as it has Wireless Connectivity.

About the Manufacturer

Sony Corporation established its India operation in 1994 and now it is considered as one of the leading and recognised brand names in the world. They are now the value leaders across various products such as Audio/Visual Entertainment products, Recording Media, Information and Communications, Business and Professional products. Sony has gained tremendous reputation for new age technology, excellent after sales service and digital concepts in India. Sony believes in changing and making a difference to people's lifestyles and also offers new dimensions of enjoyment. Sony is committed to deliver quality products, ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the standard of service.

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Brand Sony
Manufacturer Sony
Platform Playstation 3

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  1.  Great stuff but wait a bit before buying 3 November, 2013 On
    PS3 has revolutionized the gaming industry and same can be said about its competitor XBOX . PS3 has been an integral part of gamers of every age , but if anyone wants to buy now , my advice will be to wait for a couple of months. PS4 is getting launched in Europe and America this month and will be coming to India soon . It is a fantastic machine with 8 GB GDDR RAM . Also with free HULU and NETFLIX apps. Great thing is that the Apps don't require annual PS subscription BUT Hulu and Netflix are not accessible in India :(

    In short , if you cannot wait for 3 months or want a cost effective buy , you can go ahead with PS3 because PS3 games will still be in production for at least 2 more years and it is way cheaper than PS4 . Also PS3 can run and store MP3 and CD unlike PS4 .

    However , one should wait and go for New PS4 , which will be updated technology for years to come.I have loved PS3 for 5 years and looking forward for PS4 launch.
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