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Playboy Women Deos Pack of 3(Rock,Spicy,Lovely)-150 Ml Each

Playboy Women Deos Pack of 3(Rock,Spicy,Lovely)-150 Ml Each

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Playboy Women Deos Pack Of 3

Everyone needs deodorants as they play a critical role in maintaining body hygiene and masking odd body odours. They also make you feel fresh and clean 24/7. As a result, the Playboy Women Deos Pack of three is super useful. The deodorants work by killing bacterial present on the surface of your skin. Ordinarily, sweat is odourless and free of any odour-causing bacteria. However, when we sweat, skin bacteria consume the salt and protein present in sweat. During this process, the bacteria also produce odiferous compounds that make sweat smell. Deodorants prevent this by killing the bacteria before they can cause problems. Most deodorants contain several products that react with the electrolytes present in sweat. They then block off sweat pores and prevent them from leaking too much sweat on to the skin surface. They also contain alcohol and antimicrobials that contribute to killing bacteria and ensure a fresh, fragranced body. The Playboy range is very popular with consumers as a very well known company makes it. The Playboy range also contains a unique formulation that releases fragrance over a long time through starch micro spheres. This particular selection contains Rock, Spicy and Lovely fragrances for women but you will also find products and packs for men along with related products. The range also contains personal hygiene products like soaps, body lotions, creams, potions, shampoos and conditioners in matching fragrances for both men and women. The company sells the products online through websites but it also sells through local stores. If you want to buy in bulk, you should consider using websites like This marketplace website has dealers from all over the world selling their products at competitive rates. Use the online search engine to find the Playboy Women or the Playboy Men range and then compare rates before finalizing your purchase.

Features: Playboy Women Deos Pack Of 3

  • Product weight : 150 ML
Product Details
Brand Playboy
Target Gender Female

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