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Pococina 13 Pieces Induction Cookware Set

Pococina 13 Pieces Induction Cookware Set

Brand Pococina
Model Number 120628
Material Stainless Steel
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Overview: Pococina 13 Pieces Induction Cookware Set

Pococina 13 Pieces Induction Cookware Set manufactured by Damul Trading Company is a set of 13 pieces of cookware. It comes in different sizes and capacities that make it a dynamic kitchen must have. It is a complete set that takes care of all sorts of cooking. It not only offers ease of use in terms of the flexibility it exhibits but also is extremely well packaged. It comes with decorative golden plated handles that makes it easier to store in a transparent shelf in the modern kitchens that we have. It is designed in a brilliant manner by the manufacturer and is a perfect amalgamation of aesthetic sense and flexibility.

A lot of times (and especially in case of novices) it become important to have a look at what is being cooked. It takes care of this particular aspect as well. The Pococina 13 Pieces Induction Cookware is transparent which is to say that it comes with a glass lid that makes it a see through kitchen appliance. You can very well have a close look at the item being cooked and manage it likewise.

The manufacturers have tried to use the best quality material which reflects in the way the product is shaped. It is made up of supreme quality stainless steel which again reaffirms the fact there can and should not be any compromise when it comes to food and kitchen appliances.

The sandwich bottom is layered which implies it has a layer of stainless steel followed by aluminium and again stainless steel. This imparts a distinct flavour and ensures the food made is of high quality and is made without any hassles.

However, this set of 13 pieces induction cookware set cannot be used in the microwave. It actually doesn't need to be used as it does everything pretty well. The idea is to consume food as prepared. You could always transfer the left overs in other containers and then use the microwave.

This is one set of kitchen apparatus that is a must have in every kitchen. It gives a sense of completeness because of the sheer variety it has to offer. It has different cookware each of which has speciality in a particular area. You can buy this product for the sheer decorativeness, flexibility and convenience it offers. You can buy this Pococina 13 Pieces Induction Cookware Set from at a very reasonable price. You would definitely have a nice item and surely see the benefits once you put the appliance to use.

Product Details
Manufacturer Damul Trading Company
Brand Pococina
Model Number 120628
Colour Name Steel
Material Stainless Steel

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