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Pogo Branded 16 Pcs Spice Jar Set - White And Orange

Pogo Branded 16 Pcs Spice Jar Set - White And Orange

Brand Pogo
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Overview: Pogo Branded 16 Pcs Spice Jar Set - White And Orange

Is cooking one of your hobbies? Then keeping your kitchen clean and healthy is a must for you. If you want to keep your kitchen organised, the most important thing is to keep all the ingredients at place. This Pogo Branded Spice Jar comes with a 16 pieces set which will enable you to keep all your spices in one single container. Let us have a look at the features which will help you in making the purchase.

Design and Style

The Spice Jar Set is made from a high-quality plastic. This plastic will not wear out with time nor will it be discoloured. The best quality plastic is used in the making of the jar which gives an amazing look to the set. The best feature of the jar set is its revolving stand. The stand revolves around 360 degrees which makes the jar set really stylish. This amazing feature helps the customers to use the jar with ease. Apart from the kitchen rack, if you want to give your dinner table a new look then Shop Online Pogo Branded 16 Pcs Spice Jar Set - White And Orange. This will enhance the look of your dinner table and make it worth praising for. If the colour of the walls of your dining room is orange then this Pogo Spice Jar set will be just the perfect buy for you. This Spice jar Set is a combination of the colours white and orange. This combination will render a beautiful look to the room. The transparent plastic cover of the container will help you locate the particular spice which you need for cooking. There is no need to waste time anymore looking for the spices from one rack to the other. By purchasing this jar set you can now find all your spices lined up on the container. This jar set is made up of a type of plastic which is best suited for food graded materials. Hence, using this jar set will keep your spices fresh for a long time. The old plastic containers used to make the spices unhealthy but with this Pogo Spice Jar set you are least likely to come across any problem. The spices will remain edible for a long time.


This Pogo Branded 16 Pcs Spice Jar Set has a round shape which helps it to fit nicely in any place. All the 16 pieces on the container are detachable. You can take out the containers from the jar set and use it separately. You can even use one of the jars as a salt or a pepper container. If you want to pick up a jar which is located at the other side, you can just simply revolve it around and grab the jar you want. The built is very convenient for the customers. Shop OnlinePogo Branded 16 Pcs Spice Jar Set - White And Orange and give your kitchen a brand new look.

About The Brand

The brand Pogo is a renowned company. It  is famous for producing products which are very reliable and at the same time durable too. Pogo is one of the top brands which deliver quality products. When it comes to Pogo, be rest assured that it will not disappoint you. Pogo has been ruling the market since many years. They give immense satisfaction to its customers.

Care and maintenance

Pogo Branded 16 Pcs Spice Jar Set is very easy to maintain. It must be noted that cleaning the jars in alternative months is very important. The cleaning process is very easy and will not take much of your time. You can just take a dry cloth and put it inside the jar which will help you clean the remainings of the spices from the inner portion of the jar. You can also wash the jars with water but remember to dry them perfectly so that the spices don't soak in the moisture. As it is made from plastic, it is non breakable. Even if you accidentally drop the jar be sure that it will not break into pieces. So keep all your worries behind and buy online Pogo Branded 16 pcs spice jar set - white and orange. 

Key features

360 degree revolving stand

16 jars in one container

Top quality plastic used

Cleaning is convenient

Product Details
Brand Pogo

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