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Pogo 16 Jar Revolving Multipurpose Rack White Orange

Pogo 16 Jar Revolving Multipurpose Rack White Orange

Brand Pogo
Material Plastic
Size Length: 6 inch, Width : 6 inch, Height : 10 inch
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Overview: Pogo 16 Jar Revolving Multipurpose Rack White Orange

Today, space is a constraint and it is difficult to keep things in an organised manner, especially when it comes to the kitchen. It is the heart of the house and you need to keep it clutter free and clean. Now, when it comes to the kitchen, one of the primary issues is to keep the spices handy and in a way so that you can use them whenever required but also keep them in something convenient that won't take up any space on shelves or in cabinets. Therefore, if you are looking for a multi-purpose rack to keep the spices in a space saving manner, look no further as now you can get the Multipurpose 16 Jar Revolving Rack. This jar is made with ultimate precision and care to provide users with a highly detailed and useful multi-functional rack. Brought to you by popular brand Pogo, this spice rack is a must have in all modern kitchens. Take a looks at the product features before you make the purchase online.

Style and Design

This multipurpose jar by popular brand Pogo is excellently designed and is sure to enhance the look of your kitchen. However it is not just limited to that, the convenient and easy-to-use design makes it easy for you to keep it on the kitchen counter or table top. This multi-purpose rack includes a solid frame made from premium quality plastic which ensures durability and reliability of the product. The main frame includes 16 hollow spaces where 16 plastic jars with caps fit in a perfect manner. Each of these plastic jars is made from premium quality TPU plastic and that makes them safe for you to store the spices. Each of the jars has the capacity of 100 ml and sports a transparent body. The revolving main structure is white in colour with an orange coloured top. This revolving structure also has a firm base which allows it to sit firmly on the kitchen counter or table. The revolving feature of this multi-purpose rack makes it easy for you to use. This rack revolves 360 degrees. The jars are air-tight containers and come with a solid orange plastic cap. You need to twist this cap to open it. Underneath the cap you will find a perforated lid that allows you to pour the contents of the jar. You simply need to take out the 100ml jars from the slots and twist open the cap to use the amount of spice or herb that you need. Once you have used the amount needed, you can replace the jars back in the slot. These jars are ideal for storing spices like elaichi and cardamom, salt, pepper and sugar along with herbs like oregano, rosemary and more. These air tight jars ensure that the smell and taste of the contents are retained.

How to maintain the 16 Jar Revolving Multipurpose Rack?

Maintaining this multi-purpose rack is simple and easy. You simply need to clean the rack body with a moist cloth to wipe away residue or dust particles. When it comes to the individual jars, you can remove them from the slot and then run them under clean water to clear them off the residue of the content. Do not use any harsh scrub or metal wool to clean the inside as it might scratch the interior. You can use a mild liquid detergent to clean the interior while using a soft sponge cleaner. After you have cleaned it thoroughly, you can turn it upside down for the water to drain out completely and later use a dry piece of cloth to swipe it clean before pouring in another batch of spices or herb. Do not put the jars in the dish water. This product is now available on the internet. Therefore, you can buy Multipurpose 16 Jar Revolving Rack online and get it delivered to your door step.

Key features at a glance

Space saving and sleek design

Made from food-grade plastic that ensures reliability of the product

Facilitate the users to use the spices and herbs in a convenient manner

Orange and white in colour

Easy to use the jars and replace them back when not in use

Air tight containers

Easy to clean and maintain

Features: Pogo 16 Jar Revolving Multipurpose Rack White Orange

  • CATEGORY : Kitchen Storage
Product Details
Brand Pogo
Material Plastic
Size Length: 6 inch, Width : 6 inch, Height : 10 inch
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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