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Polaroid i-Zone Instant Camera w/ FM Radio

Polaroid i-Zone Instant Camera w/ FM Radio

Colour Black
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Overview: Polaroid i-Zone Instant Camera w/ FM Radio

Polaroid just not like any other camera manufacture, it is a legendary brand with enough history to fill a library. It has revolutionised the world of photography and were the first to produce commercially available cameras. With time the company had declined somewhat due to the arrival of digital cameras. But the company has rejuvenated itself and still produces cameras that let you print the picture instantly. The Polaroid i-Zone Instant Camera is the latest from their manufacturing unit. The camera is present inside a translucent case with slight shades of the teal colour. It is perfect for creating instant fun. It will let you take postage-stamp-sized prints. The device also comes with an FM radio. So if you are bored taking pictures then you can listen to songs. This device is fairly inexpensive and offer great value for money. Of course the image quality is not top notch like the digital cameras available in the market. But the sheer joy you get when you watch the printer inside the device print the picture you have taken, cannot be described in words. When you go on vacations and interact with locals, they often ask to be photographed and the photograph be shown to the. Now with the Instant camera you can give them a copy of the picture instead of just showing them a digital copy. If you meet up strangers on a trip and the part ways, you can give that person a picture from the instant camera as a sort of memorabilia.

A cool gift for your kid

It is mainly designed as an inexpensive gift for kids. If you have a young kid at home this camera can be a cool gift. Kids love the instant gratification that these cameras offer. They can also use the pictures in their scrapbooks and make sticky out of them. The pictures are not very big so you really cannot make a picture album out of them but they are like mug shots and will help you in creating instant memories. It also has an optical zoom of 3x and digital zoom of 3.00x. Although these are not much in terms of specs but when you consider the price of the device, it does seem like a steal. You will need batteries to operate these gadgets, thankfully the batteries are provided with the package. The camera also features an FM radio so that you can listen to your favourite FM radio station. You will also get a built-on belt clip to carry this camera on yourself. The features also include a volume control for the radio. Since it is a unique product there is no other competitor in the market. But when you consider a built-in flash in a camera that is so cheap you are bound to buy it instantly. You will also get a one-year warranty on this product.

Grab all the attention at parties

A printed picture has a certain charm which is not present in digital photos. To touch and feel the picture instantly after clicking is something not very common these days. This camera can be an icebreaker at parties. Just whip one out and take pictures of the people standing around, it is sure to open them up. Now you will be the most hip person in the crowd and be sure, you will get all the attention. Once you start clicking on this little camera there simply is no stopping. Since the pictures get printed instantly it can be a great conversation starter. People will ask you how it works and similar stuffs. The Polaroid i-Zone Instant Camera is available only at select web stores and you can find those through You can order this amazing camera and get it delivered straight at your address. Since this cameras are not found in most local stores it can be very exclusive. On you will be able to find out quality discounts on the Polaroid i-Zone Instant Camera.

Product Details
Manufacturer Polaroid
Manufacturer Part Number 122849
Brand Polaroid
Model Number GRDVL100U
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Optical Zoom 3x
Digital Zoom 3.00x
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes

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