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Lava Iris 349+

Lava Iris 349+

Operating System Android
Memory Storage 32.00 GB
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Overview: Lava Iris 349+ Mobile Phone

A smartphone has become a necessity in the present age. It not only allows its users to make and receive calls, but also offers them total access to the Internet. Therefore, one device serves the purposes of a mobile phone as well as a laptop. Are you an executive or a businessman who needs to remain actively working irrespective of the location? Have you felt the need to have a smartphone so that you do not have to use 2 different devices for making or receiving calls and accessing the Internet? Are you tired of searching for the most optimal product for your need? If your answer to these questions is in affirmation, then you should buy Lava Iris 349+, Black smartphone online today. Its dual core processor, Android operating system, primary and secondary cameras and the dual SIM support will meet all your requirements. The advantage that you get with this Lava Iris set is the benefits offered by the ecommerce enterprises. You can place the order for the handset from your home, office or shop or while travelling. The product will get delivered to the preferred address within a few days since the confirmation of the payment. Moreover, payment and product return or exchange is conveniently facilitated in ecommerce.

Style and Make of Lava Iris 349+ (Black) Smartphone

Lava has made the Iris 349+ (Black) smartphone stylish as well as efficient. It is as impressive in terms of software as it is in terms of hardware. In the aesthetics department, the remarkable features of Lava Iris 349+ smartphone include the 3.5-inches diagonally wide WVGA capacitive touchscreen with a display resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The black coloured exterior body makes the device suitable for everyone. Whether you are a person who is only concerned about the functionality of the device or you are one who remains involved in various tasks simultaneously, whether you are fashion conscious or a nerd, black is such a universal colour that it suits your personality.

Lava Iris 349+ (Black) smartphone is amazing not only in the aesthetics department but offers such hardware and software configuration that may exceed your expectation as well. It has a dual core processor with processing capability of 1 GHz. The fast processing capability of the device is aptly complemented by 256 MB RAM. Therefore, you can run multiple applications on the device without lag in efficiency and without any kind of interruption. The smartphone offers extensive connectivity as it supports Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM. The device supports micro USB. It supports dual SIM, and both the SIM are of the regular type and GSM based.

The resolution of the rear camera of the smartphone is 2 megapixels. In other words, with this phone at your disposal, you can capture any incident and any scene that you think deserves to be digitally stored. Another significant feature is the operating system that enables you to use all the functions of the device conveniently without hassle. Lava Iris 349+ smartphone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Compatibility with the largest smartphone platform makes you part of that big community.

Speciaity of Lava Iris 349+ Smartphone

The most remarkable speciality of Lava Iris 349+ (Black) smartphone is its multi-functionality. The device is equally impressive in terms of both hardware and software. If you are a business executive or have private business, then this smartphone will allow you to work on multiple applications simultaneously. The ability to multitask without facing any kind of lag in performance will surely make you appreciate the efficiency of the device. Moreover, the black colour of the exterior body matches your style irrespective of whether it is vibrant or sober. You can listen to your favourite music, capture stills and videos of interesting incidents as you come across them in regular life or during special occasions and do much more with this handset.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Lava Iris 349+ Smartphone

Protecting the smartphone from water is utmost important. Like all smartphones, Lava Iris 349+ has complex internal circuitry that is vulnerable to water, which can damage the device and make it useless for you. Even if it is not damaged beyond repair, you may have to spend considerable money to correct the fault caused by water. Besides, you will have to prevent the device from physical damage as well. Make sure that the smartphone is well protected by a good phone cover. Prevent it from harsh blows and scratches as well as from falling from a considerable height. However, you will not have to do anything special other than what has been mentioned to take good care of the smartphone. So, do not waste your time in exploring different websties in search for the right smartphone, shop online Lava Iris 349+ (Black) smartphone without further delay.

About Lava

Lava is officially known as Lava International Ltd. It is an Indian telecommunication equipment manufacturer. The company is based in New Delhi, and was founded in 2009. At present, mobile phones and smartphones are the main businesses of Lava. Its range of products is comprised of smartphones such as Iris 349+.

Key Highlights

3.5-inches screen

480 x 320 pixels display resolution

1 GHz dual core processor

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

2 megapixel primary camera

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Detailed specifications have been provided to help you choose the mobile phone that best suits your needs. The built-in 2.0 MP camera, gives you the ability to click pictures, without having to carry a separate camera with you.
Product Details
Brand PortaMart
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Operating System Android
Included RAM Size 256 MB
Memory Storage 32.00 GB

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