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Portable Chrome Plated Kettle BBQ Barbeque Charcoal Grill - 14 Inch

Portable Chrome Plated Kettle BBQ Barbeque Charcoal Grill - 14 Inch

Colour Black
Material Chrome
Size 14 IN
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Product Description

Homemakers are constantly on the lookout to make their homes worth living in by keeping their families happy and ensuring that they love coming back home. A homemaker's ideal dream is to cook new and delicious dishes that would bring a smile to their family's faces and keep them healthy and happy. Cooking for a household can be a daunting task as it involves keeping in mind all the needs of your family members. With everyone on a tight schedule and scrambling for ways to reach their destinations on time, it is the responsibility of a homemaker to provide meals to her family in a short span of time without taking much time to prepare their favourite dishes. Keeping these demands in mind, home appliance manufacturers have intended to introduce appliances such as grills in order to fasten the process of cooking and in turn also provide people with healthy and delicious meals. If your family loves a barbeque then the BBQ Portable Chrome Plated kettle Barbeque Charcoal Grill would be the ideal option for your family. Buy the BBQ Portable Chrome Plated Kettle With Barbeque Charcoal Grill Black online.

Product Features:

The barbecue grill is a device that is used for cooking food by the application of heat directly from the bottom of the grill. Charcoal grills utilize either charcoal briquettes or an all-natural lump charcoal as their source of fuel. When charcoal is burned, it transforms into embers that radiate heat which is necessary to prepare food. A kettle charcoal grill is considered as the classic American grill design was invented in 1951 by George Stephen. It is one of the most commercially successful and popular charcoal grill designs till date. Portable and smaller versions of the kettle grill exist. The kettle grill comprises of a lid, a cooking grid, a charcoal grid, a lower chamber, a venting system, and the legs. Some models also comprise of an ash catcher pan as well as wheels. The lower chamber of the kettle grill which holds the charcoal is shaped in the form of a kettle which giving the grill its title. The cooking abilities and taste of the food owes its brilliance to the shape of the kettle grill. The kettle design is responsible for distributing heat evenly throughout the grill. Once the lid has been placed on the grill, it prevents any sort of flare-ups from dripping any kind of grease, and also allows heat to circulate around the corners and the food as it prepares. It also holds in the flavour-enhancing smoke that is produced by the dripping grease or even from the smoking wood that is added to the charcoal fire. The kettle design of a grill enables the griller to configure the grill for the process of indirect cooking. For the process of indirect cooking, charcoal is piled on one or either sides of the lower chamber of the grill and then a water pan is placed in the empty space of the grill to one side of it or in between the charcoal. The food is then placed over the water pan for the procedure of cooking. The venting system of the kettle grill comprises of one or more vents present at the bottom of the lower chamber of the grill with more vents at the top of the lid. This BBQ Portable Chrome Plated Kettle Barbeque Charcoal Grill is the ideal appliance for those who wish to enjoy an in house barbeque in their gardens or backyards. The 14 inch grill is crafted in black enamel with a stylish BBQ kettle barbeque rack that features a round 14 inch cooking area. It is portable and chrome plated with legs and ash catcher that enhances healthy cooking and prevents you from inhaling ash that is released from the charcoal. It features a tough finish which is long lasting and would lasting and would live for years to come. The chrome finish also enhances easy cleaning. The barbeque charcoal grill comprises of a stainless steel air vent with a deep fire bowl that ensures an increased amount of air flow. The ash catcher on the other hand along with the Bakelite handle of the grill ensures a hassle free removal process. The lid of the grill also acts as a windshield once it has been hooked onto a fire bowl. The high quality barbeque is constructed with a heavy form of stamped steel that is stainless and durable. The parts of the grill are easily to carry and also easy to assemble and remove. The features of this portable charcoal grill are sure to provide you with delicious and aromatic grilled food that would keep your family healthy and happy.

Key Highlights:

Brand: BBQ

Easily portable with parts that are easy to assemble and remove

Comprises of a 15 inch high kettle with 14 inch diameter

Tough baked enamel finish that ensures durability

Chrome plated cooking grid

Shop online for this BBQ Portable Chrome Plated Kettle With Barbeque Charcoal Grill Black and bring a spot of fun to your home. Buy online. Order now. Hurry!

Product Features

  • High Quality Barbeque - It Is Constructed With Heavy Stamped Steel.
  • Removable Legs, Ash Catcher and Bakelite Handles is Easy to Assemble and Carry It Anywhere In Gardens, Outdoors, Indoors, Picnics, Patio and Other Places.
  • Features A 15 Inch High Kettle with 14 Inch Diameter.
  • It Has a Tough Baked Black Enamelled Finish, Build for Durability and For Easy Cleaning.
  • Chrome Plated Cooking Grid. Design may Slightly Vary.
Product Details
Manufacturer BBQ Barbeque
Manufacturer Part Number BBQ Barbeque
Brand BBQ
Colour Black
Material Chrome
Size 14 IN

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